So many caught up in how they feel
The fact is you are truly loved and it’s real
Sadly society isn’t keen to that deal
As they’re caught up in other ideals

I’m not going to slander this holiday
But who’s to say love should be celebrated only one day
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a significant other
There are plenty of other things to hold dear amongst eachother

Time doesn’t heal all wounds unfortunately at this time
But giving yourself time allows you more opportunities to shine
All the sorrow and sadness that piles up in one’s thoughts
Doesn’t mean your life’s purpose is forever gone

There is someone out there who needs your kindness
Even if it is just the one you see in the mirror’s reflections
Celebrate the moments and memories that gave you happiness always
Because there are more experiences awaiting your presence in all days



Complexion and perception are unusual characteristics
Thoughts that drive the emotions of differing logistics
No matter how hard you may try you feel inept inside
Struggling with how you view the image you portray on the outside

Some of us don’t cut ourselves any slack
Expecting perfection when nobody else even has that
Utilizing every chance to enhance certain aspects
Rather than giving ourselves an ounce of self respect

Fighting with our own views
In such ways that others have no clue
None of this should come as news
Since we’ve all suffered a pinch of the blues

For some reason many times compliments fall to the wayside
Due to the sheer amount of disbelief someone holds in tough times
We’re all in some way shape or form tied together with experiences
Since everyone has encountered judgments that were serious

What we see in the mirror is made up of more than just that image
There are far greater explanations and sensations that produce the vision
Everyone reacts differently to what it is they see
Considering we all think and operate uniquely

How it is we react and contemplate
Will determine what kind of life we create
Each moment introduces a new opportunity
With the future waiting patiently

What will we do differently
Does change even need to happen, not necessarily
The context with which you view is up to you
Just don’t hesitate to be something great by missing the lessons of what you’ve gone through


Look at the office of a plastic surgeon
Waiting lists full and lines stacked
What is it that all of these people are doin’
Trying to fix what isn’t broken because society is cracked

I believe women have it the hardest
Expected to resemble a certain mold
They get projected in ways that aren’t honest
So they toss themselves into the surgical fold

Sad to see such beauty be tampered with
Everyone is unique and fine in their design
To get “amplified” is a thought that should be dismissed
Changing for others isn’t how you should be defined

Being comfortable in your own skin
Seems to be a view of the past
All these procedures being done, it’s wearing thin
The notion of self respect allowing natural beauty to last
Is fading quick due to this pressure of so called “perfection”

I personally can’t see the allure
If you weren’t harmed, why change
It’s probably something I’ll never quite figure
There is always beauty, after all it is rather normal to age

The eyes of the beholder will always sway
But let me ask are your eyes the ones deciding
Your body doesn’t need unnecessary pain today
Be true to you, not in the ways that the media may be providing

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