Lost Relatives

It’s said if you have love then you’ll show it
If you hold someone dear then they’ll know it
Living how you feel isn’t always right
But positivity can go a long way in this fight

Each day life grows older
Time doesn’t cease just because the world grows colder
There’s an enemy that ticks with the clock
Which is why you need to build your foundation upon the rock

So many relatives, so many lost perspectives
Some I don’t even know because of my adoption
It’s important to show witness to the grace that I’ve been given
But impossible for me to do it with those I’ve never been connected

In this day and age trust can be minimal
Which is why I need to lean on my faith principles
Trying to trust while in these lands, the effort seems miniscule
However, without some trust you can’t experience the spiritual

Across the globe many live
Across many borders I have relatives
Some who are lost in the essence of spirit
Some who aren’t known because we’ve never met

I hope that each of them has love all the same
That each of them has joy on this day
With each breath that they take an improvement is made
And at some point they’ll accept the gift that gets them saved
So that one day we can all be together through Heaven’s gates

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