Facing the fright
Every single night
Always in a fight
Battle tested
Never rested
With time invested
War torn shadows
Where are the pros
Enough of the shows
Painstaking regret
Catching many in a net
Absorbed in debt
Filtration for my head
Thoughts diminish instead
My life has since bled
Everyone is connected
Nothing is perfected
Integrity needs to be protected
Moral values in all we do
Should be the first clue
To inspire the best you



All you ladies who have guys call you sexy
Need to do a little evaluating before really connecting
Because they shouldn’t just want you physically
Nor just romance you emotionally or spiritually
They should appreciate the true beauty of your entire being
To be focused on learning you entirely
Seeking to commit to you fully before experiencing everything

But, that’s just me and my feelings

So many these days get caught in the array
Claiming they don’t have choices after choosing a few mistakes
Each day begins anew and time passes you by without a second take
So be sure to truly anticipate who it is you let in today
There’s never a guarantee on what will transpire
Just make sure that they have more than a single desire
Or else you may be left wondering how you are left in a wildfire

But again, that’s just me and my feelings

The physical is said to cause a chemical reaction
What stems in the brain though is a connection
All that you’ve learned and experienced are in correlation
Having many variables result in one thought or notion
With everything that comes into play in a decision
There shouldn’t be anything taken lightly when it comes to relations
So truly assess what each element is telling you and if the other person fits the suggestion

But sincerely, that’s just me and my feelings


A quick shift
My eyes are lifted
Praise to you God
For what it is I’ve been gifted

Straight shot arisen
No longer feelin’ imprisoned
Open doors to a new mission
I’m ready for this next situation

Clocks tickin’ and I’m wishin’
For nothin’ more than your blessin’
Roadblocks to overcome
Never have I doubted what you’ve done

Open my arms wide
Please embrace me
I feel your love inside
That’s why I’m surrendering

Keep me focused
Improve my notions
And elevate my state of emotion
Because I’m eager for this promotion


The wind blew accordingly to the swiftness of the leaves swaying in a matter of clarity. The sky loomed overcast in a state of light red unlike ever before. The whirlwind of mixed emotions filled the air around him as he contemplated what was at stake. The deliverance of evil from his skin arose like a vapor from a sea unkind. The beat of his heart slowly vacating the realm of his chest. His hand covered in a warmth like never before experienced. The howling sound of the gusting air was like a whisper in his ear telling him of all he never knew and what was of the life he had lived. Sirens off in the distance chime to the words like a melodic gift to a song of joy. He blinks frantically without a question as to why or how, just knowing the euphoric feeling is unlike what any prior person had ever explained to him.

Views of grace and serenity flickered in his mind like a projection of a cinematic classic. His body lies in position of sleep with his spirit kneeling at his side looking down on where it once had reside. Feeling his breath getting shorter and shorter with the pain vanishing from his side. No longer could he flea the thought of possibility to revive, because his essence of earth began to slowly fade. Rushing through his last frame of human thought was the sight of looking up into his own living eyes. With a shimmer of transition from one view to the next, he now was looking back at his slowly fading life of humanity on the ground holding his own hand.

The sirens drawing closer the ambulance comes to a screeching halt. The EMT’s rush to the man’s side as his spirit slowly fades up and back into a light unseen to their eyes. They scramble to patch his wounds and revive him back to consciousness of this worldly life. His spirit vanishing into the distance watching as his body is lying their helpless. The EMT’s look at each other doubtful of saving the man’s life. One says to the other, “I think this man is no longer with us”. While the other implies, “I agree, I cannot get a pulse and his wounds appear too severe to come back from”. In this moment the spirit of the dying man feels an overwhelming comfort and wave of joy as he breaks through the clouds and up into a place of peace like nothing he has ever felt before. In a slight daze of shock his thoughts draw blank as a voice comes into his senses and says to him, “Welcome home my child, Welcome home”!

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