It’s quiet time in my heart
An unfamiliar feeling even from the start
Back in the times where memory doesn’t exist
I imagine it was still filled with bliss

Questions continue to arise
With no sense of answer in sight
My mind races intelligibly
But the rotation of this world keeps me away from assembly

Electricity seems to carry a greater power
Everyone connected to technology hour by hour
Various resources at our finger tips
Still not many thinking for themselves, just instead accept ignorance

My pulse still shows mountains to climb and valleys to fall
I’ve seen so many things, but I doubt I’ve seen them all
I’ve heard so many things, but I doubt I’ve heard enough
With each passing second there is someone out there whose life is rough

Actions are being taken causing various effects
A lone man here with so much to say, but why do so if it doesn’t protect
A predator lies in wait for its prey
However, I’ve chosen to rest in silence and pray

There’s strength in numbers, it’s no false tale
So why do we separate the togetherness to make us frail



They say that there is strength in numbers
Finding out is allowing yourself to step forward
You never know how many others are out there
Facing the same circumstances that have you scared

Pressure never seems to cease
We put it on ourselves unconsciously
Even when we do recognize, it tends to increase
What is better though, is to experience peace

To alleviate a build up, some of it has to go
Throw it out, so you can once again grow


We see it on the TV
We see it on the big screen
When will people end tragedy
I’m sure that’s something we simply won’t see

We have shootings and stabbings
Countless rapings and bombings
All across the world, it is quite haunting

Today is a new day with yet more violence
Unexpected occurrences happening to innocents
Just when you think peace becomes relevant
Someone comes along to end the pleasure of it

Unnecessary actions coming from the blackness
Reaching out from the depths of the abyss
Our world is mistaken on how to counter this
So sometime soon we’ll suffer another experience

Where there is evil, there is also good
We just have to get that across and understood
Rise up and take the proper action to decrease
This senseless nonsense that keeps happening

Pray for yourselves as well as the victims
Because though you might be good others are sufferin
Lend a helping hand so they can again stand
We’re all here for each other to allow strength to expand

Last Virgin Standing

To some it’s a hard concept to understand
Because of what society seems to demand
It isn’t hard to follow a simple plan
However not many people really can

So what if I don’t want to give in
I’d rather live pure than further delve in sin
Why be so quick to cheat on my future wife
When I can change this label at a more appropriate time in life

I see many feeding their frenzy all around me
That’s cool more power to them really
I’m happy I can announce I don’t carry a disease
Or have to explain to my parents why I suddenly have an unexpected baby

I know parents these days who expect their kids to utilize abstinence
When they themselves failed to even follow its true definition
Then they’ll turn to somebody else and have the audacity to say hypocrite
It’s not hard to live the way that I do, but again people try to insult me for it

I’m not afraid to make the stance
I love to dance, just not the form in which our world is entranced
Temptation always lingers but I’m proud to have the strength to resist
I know many who took the opposite action to later express regret
Which isn’t something I’d ever want to feel again, so sex gets dismissed

Virgin is a word that appears to be a new insult
When all it displays is a choice to abstain from this new crazed cult
Can try to insult my choice all you want it isn’t yours to make
I respect you, which is why I don’t judge what you did to break

Many people who are the same are eager to fade
But I ask why be in such a rush to get laid
It would seem there aren’t many of us left standing
Many are lying in wait or on their knees begging
I’ll remain here on my feet thank you very much, till I’m married

There are those who choose differently than I, which is fine
Just don’t try to persuade me that my choice is yours to decline
Respect it or move on forward
Cause sex isn’t something I’m moving toward

I prefer to be unique as it is
Therefore yes, I’m proud to be a Virgin
The fact that I’ve been through high school and college
Has given me a broad look and vast knowledge

It’s allowed me to see I’m not missing much
I don’t need to experience that elevated form of touch
The masses can disagree all they want
But the number 0 is the one I’ll flaunt

I’ve never been accused of mistreatment toward a woman
That is how I prefer to be remembered
To indulge in such a gift without showing any commitment isn’t my regimen
I’d rather build them up rather than tear them down for a sexual endeavor

Can knock it all you want, but I can be like you at any time
I’ll continue to embrace this view in which I hold dearly
To remain diligent toward a life focused on what’s divine
Because it has always made me see my surroundings clearly

I’m just a simple man, who made a simple choice
I’m a man of my word, so I remain with this voice
Will my abstinence ever change, only when I get Married
If that doesn’t happen then Virgin status will continue to be carried

There aren’t many of us left and there isn’t much support
However I’ll stand at the frontlines always ready to report

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