It’s always good to ask questions when you seek answers
But not correct to chastise the ones helping to aid those concerns
If you seek knowledge, some sort of gain
Then listen to the opinion of the ones you’re asking

Don’t abolish their information if you feel you already know
Otherwise what’s the point of opening that window
The question should’ve never been asked
So make up your mind on whether or not you have a grasp

Wasting time with repetitive contradictory lines
Isn’t what helps people progress forward in these times
Aiding one another doesn’t come through arguments
It comes from love and patience

So what exactly is hiding beneath the surface
Are you truly seeking an explanation toward a purpose
Or subtly baiting someone in to ambush their practices
Either way one should be more professional in their tactics

We must be careful in how we seek and study
The aspects of life around us can be misleading
Don’t ask unless you truly want to know
Don’t speak unless your thoughts actually flow

Expressing ourselves indeed has many different avenues
And it’s important to maintain respect when we do



People don’t usually think when they speak
Rarely do their words seem genuine
Although some try to reach their vocabularies peak
It doesn’t mean they can just spout off in any given situation
Since when did silence mean you were weak
Every time you analyze a moment, it’s positive progression

Honor each other
Illustrate love for one another
Stay true, otherwise don’t bother

Nobody will ever meet your expectations as a whole
After you learn this a brand new world opens
My suggestion would be to meet your own personal goals
Especially when nobody including yourself should make judgments


You speak a word, it reverberates
The ears tingle, the mind concentrates
Left bouncing around with different meanings
Caught up in the ways of influencing

The more that you release
The more the senses tease
It affects all those in proximity
Is it clean or does it create calamity

Like yelling into a cave
Airwaves bouncing around with what you say
Encaged, enough to drive one insane
What is it that you voice today

Those listening, absorb your sentiments
The messages pinging of varying elements
How should one react
When everything said leaves a lasting impact

Careful about the words you spread
Because once they enter the head
They’ll be of great significance
Besides everyone’s wellbeing is of relevance


A quick shift
My eyes are lifted
Praise to you God
For what it is I’ve been gifted

Straight shot arisen
No longer feelin’ imprisoned
Open doors to a new mission
I’m ready for this next situation

Clocks tickin’ and I’m wishin’
For nothin’ more than your blessin’
Roadblocks to overcome
Never have I doubted what you’ve done

Open my arms wide
Please embrace me
I feel your love inside
That’s why I’m surrendering

Keep me focused
Improve my notions
And elevate my state of emotion
Because I’m eager for this promotion

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