Many people think she has it all
Trying to hit her up for the call
Wondering how she could be single
So they continue the efforts to mingle

Their primary concern is the look she presents
When they have no clue what’s going on in her head
Struggling to wake up each day
As the momentum of depression has its way

Still looking pleasant with a beautiful essence
But you can’t always believe the surface suggestion
The realness is what lies beneath the initial impression
So take the time to realize the entirety of a person

She puts on a good show for those around her
Even though her thoughts continue to burn
It’s not easy being at the center of a whirlwind of emotion
Seeing everything spin out of control with so much commotion

As I sit back and view from afar
I just hope she can hear my kind remarks
I hope they can reach the storm she’s in
Before another layer of her confidence thins


The Patience

The ultimate test
Unlike all the rest
In this I must confess
When under duress
It’s hard to come by
Still don’t know why
People want to try my


Long lasting etiquette
Hard not to live with it
My time still ticks
Despite all the tricks
Not suppose to be easy
Life not always serene
How is it you are exercising


Untold stories
Within I’m holding
All the treachery
You see expanding
Because I’m analyzing
Rather than criticizing
The elements that are defining


Do you have
Will you obtain
Are you familiar with
Can you use
Get in a relationship with
Strive to obtain
Claim to have


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