With all the media and text you consume
The final decision of what to believe is up to you
The wisdom and intellect that gets relayed
Ultimately depends on your heart and mind’s decided pathway

Sometimes facts are presented, but plenty is unexplained
Lots of questions are formulated for us to figure out each day
Behind the layers of fear, is your conscience clear
Is this something you can accept, will you maintain self respect

Words and letters swirling like a tornado
Engulfing our thoughts sending chills down our torso
What will determine your next choice
Will you speak up and maintain your own voice

Don’t let the abundance of pressure sink you into depression
Contemplating decision after decision just leaves you left wishin’
The storm shouldn’t determine the outcome
Your presence is needed to be present in every situation

Show yourself that you care and become aware
Wake up to life and don’t imprison yourself in despair



A moment in time that passes us by
We still sit in silence with wonders of why
Can we ever grasp the moment, will we even try
Or will we watch it evaporate up into the sky
Remnants of the past creep in our head, so sly
When the future is the issue that makes us sigh
Enough of the pathway that makes us shy
Provide a little insight so others don’t cry
There’s a fine line each time we reply
With expression not always translating correctly from our minds eye
Our compassion needs to apply
Since this world has focused more on what it can buy
The emotions that make us unique are what need to fly
So the morality that is left doesn’t completely die
When we continue to look out and spy
The madness that is seen isn’t short on supply
Which is why change is needed, so all of us don’t fry


It’s late at night
Worldwide so much fright
I can’t stop thinking
Millions drowning themselves by drinking

Out and about cloaked in darkness
People in problems held and harnessed
It pains me to imagine what could be happening
As I sit here and count my blessings

So much insanity
Lives torn with calamity
All this surrounds me
As I sit here writing poetry

No more slavery
No more blasphemy
No more catastrophe
No more treachery
Just some things that would be nice to see

I’m still contemplating
All the realities
All the fantasies
All the wishful thinking

Progression requires a dive
Desire is needed to thrive
Let’s see improvement arrive
Because hope is still alive

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