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1st Verse:
When I’m locked up faced with struggle
Everyone’s a critic tryin’ to give me trouble
As if the stress of life wasn’t enough
They all want to add their nonsensical stuff

Getting through the days these days
Seems to be an ambitious task to undertake
All eyes on my actions as others experience satisfaction
They think they have everything figured out, all the information

Heaps of responsibilities off in the distance
Many people looking to me for assistance
Advice is something they tend to seek
Then when the tide shifts they hide from me

A barrage of questions always floods the room
With each breath I can feel the wrath of doom
The clock ticks each second getting closer to my death
All the drama around us when will I get to feel a rest

2nd Verse:
My faith has taught me to swim
But there are still times I feel imprisoned
The sense of having a free spirit
Has made it difficult to dodge the darkness

They say that opposites attract
Which is why my light is being attacked
There’s no bushel that can hide the shine
It’s far too strong since it comes from the divine

Hollow thoughts can be a dangerous distraction
Before you know it you become frozen

As the walls continue to close in
My trust needs to remain in Him

With my own ways causin’ this downfall
I need to surrender in order to give my all
The pressure seeping into my skin
My mind is off in all sorts of directions

Too many others showering me with opinions
I just want my freedom to continue to live
Seeking out facts to once again be a benefit
Please allow me to remain separate


Don’t Bother

[Lyrics to a storylike song I was going to put on the upcoming album project, just didn’t like how the track was turning out]

She looked at me and whispered…

Don’t bother they’re already here
The voices in my head makin’ it all unclear
I’m enclosed and surrounded by all these fears
I just wish this lifestyle would finally disappear

You see, I was walkin’ down the street
And I noticed a girl lookin’ over at me
The look she had wasn’t familiar
It was of curiosity as if I was meant to deliver

I walked up and broke the ice
Typical small talk after saying “Hi”
She then went on to tell me her story
A complete stranger revealin’ her inner most inventory

She expressed how she had been coerced
Charmed into a life where everything got worse
Slipped into one bad habit after another
After so long her emotions didn’t even bother

I was shocked and confused
Not knowin’ much of what to do
I began to reply back with what I thought was right
Little did I know she wasn’t quite ready for any insight

She looked at me and whispered…

Don’t bother they’re already here
The voices in my head makin’ it all unclear
I’m enclosed and surrounded by all these fears
I just wish this lifestyle would finally disappear

So I simply asked do you know what love is
Not the pleasures you’ve measured in ignorance
But the bliss that your heart can reminisce
The feeling of joy and one of purpose

It seems you’re enclosed in the dark
Allowin’ this mess to attack like a shark
Take a deep breath and analyze your past
Because from the sounds of it you don’t want this to last

All that you’ve tried in materials
Can’t be found in the spiritual
It’s time to step away from the physical
To allow your body some time to heal

What has been culminated isn’t what you deserve
You need to abandon the pressure of these pervs
There is someone out there much greater
That didn’t create you to reside in this torture

So take my hand let’s walk together
Get you to a place that can provide some shelter
Transform your life into somethin’ far better
Where you’ll be appreciated for more than just three letters

She again looked at me and whispered…

I’m glad you noticed me sittin’ over here
I was certain you weren’t just another stranger
I believe I’m ready to surpass these fears
So that finally this lifestyle can disappear


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There’s a time in everyone’s life when they get asked
What is it that you’re meant for, what is your great task
Does it involve pride, greed, gluttony, or another 7 deadly
Or does it help you transcend this sinful world’s humanity
So many options arise, but in which elevation do you find your prize

You see for me it’s been a long beginning
Back in ’02 I wrote my first real rhyme at age 16
Then moved upon request to record my first line in ‘03
And ever since life has had its ups and downs expectedly

I can’t pretend it hasn’t been a long road
Just ask my friends from my hometown area code
Many know me being more of a private person
But music does somethin’ that makes me progress instead of worsen

Am I the only one in rap that wants to see the end of pornography
It’s probably the worst thing existing outside of bloodshed for money
I get exposed by my other brothers because my skin is lighter
When none of that even matters as I just want to make this world brighter

The light that shines most isn’t that in which we orbit
The controversies we chase in an effort to implement policies
Is killin’ me moreso than the lack of our cultures integrity
Where has it all gone not many courageous enough to stand for Christianity

I’m not much for religion but rather the living sacrifice that is Christ
It’s much like our everyday occurrence, which is more about relationship
To know love and experience it are two different things
We may all have different definitions, but pursue that one common feeling

That empty pit inside, the one that nobody can hide
Can only be filled with the one that resides most high
I’m pleased to have been selected to relay some messages
Just know your path is listed within the word of His passages

Some say that I’m meant for more, some sort of greatness
I’ve been told that I’m also a special individual who is gracious
I know that the comfort some feel from my existence
Isn’t one that I created, but rather one that was gifted

It’s never been about me, I could’ve chosen somethin’ different
But I know that would’ve gone against the purpose of my creation
I’ve been knocked down much the same as you, I’m not exempt
Over and over it’s happened, but I get back up for another attempt

I’ve cried, I’ve ached, I’ve failed, I’ve made mistakes
I’m far from perfect as He’s carried me through all the pains
Each time I’ve fallen His hand was there, it never drifted
I know I’ve been Blessed, because God has kept me lifted


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Ladies and Gentleman, I hope you’re doing good today
I’m aware there are many problems of differing varieties
It is my hopes that you aren’t letting them hold you back
But rather pressing forward with the correct attack

If you’re not…
Then what is it that you’re waiting for
We get this one life, so it’s your time to soar

1st Verse:
We lay in wait
Like a lion does for its prey
Expectations set high
As the bar lifts our effort runs dry

It’s a tragedy within a calamity
The next best thing is repelling
We climb, we work, we try
All for reasons some choose to deny

Closed up in the mission, left wishin’
That we had one last chance at ambition
It’s a dire situation in this life
Where hope and love need to arise

People beaten and enslaved
Not much different from yesterday
We thought it was gone, but to our dismay
It grew greater, under the radar of our play

Many trapped and embedded in disaster
It’s time to write a whole new chapter
Stand up and believe in better activity
Nobody can prevent you from achieving prosperity

Believe it or not you’re still livin’
Look on high to become forgiven
Wash away the pain and mistakes
You’re too valuable for anyone to break

Don’t let anyone press you down anymore
You get this one life and it’s your time to soar (x2)

2nd Verse:
Some people want to
slay you, play you, and betray you
With that said some want to
Protect you, love you, and comfort you

All you need to do is choose
Who they are and if they lose
Because you should live to win
Don’t get held back by their sins

The burden is already great
Don’t adopt the influence of hate
That demeaning behavior is stale
It’ll never allow you to truly prevail

All it takes is one spark to begin the fire
The one that lights up your inner desire
So worried about what others think
It’s leavin’ you drained, spiralin’ down the sink

Get off the brink of negative situations
Don’t entertain suicide or slip into depression
Listen to the good word and His design
Allow Him to revive all your vital signs

Each day you awake begins anew
Sometimes it’s best to leave your crew
Evaluation of said steps is critical
As we just get one life to help create miracles

Closing (x2):
Don’t let anyone press you down anymore
You get this one life and it’s your time to soar

In the Rain

Listen Here:

1st Verse:
I live a simple life in a complex time
I’m both happy and sad, I don’t know why
Each day I roll over and open my eyes
Put one foot down after the other it’s all so dry

I think about all the people in hard times
All the worthless reasons they’re committin’ crimes
The single Moms dabbin’ their children’s eyes
Prostitutes always askin’ themselves why

I’m confused each day I walk my life
Never knowin’ what the next step will provide
I try my best to look through other’s eyes
‘Cause I know pain is great during these times

I question my participation as the world spins
There’s nothin’ I’d like more than to see some grins
Time flies and we all have a unique purpose
As I rhyme the clock ticks and I acquire a new wish

Many yell go fish, well that’s what I’m doin’
Lookin’ to provide a smidge of inspiration
By deliverin’ a message in a positive direction
But I’m just one man on a common mission

Dear God give me my wings so I can fly
Put your words in my voice to soar these skies
Let me feel your touch in mine
Let my heart beat love all the time

Lord let your blessings fall

To rid this world of all the pain, pain, pain, pain

God please have your light shine through it all

After all we’re all the same, same, same, same… in the rain

Open your minds and hearts
Nobody will treat you any better
Look deep within for the answers
His DNA etched in your beings every letter
This I know is what it’ll take for you to grow
Gettin’ past these stresses to finally let His grace flow

2nd Verse:
It’s not hard for me to sympathize
When out look out into this abyss of lies
The thing to do is push forward till I die
I never plan on givin’ up on my drive

I’m saturated in the breadth of life
Protected by the Lord when I’m facin’ strife
I pray every day and every night
His time to come back is in sight

As they all seem to fall, I start to rise
‘Cause if not for people like me
The darkness would keep growing
It just can’t keep on happening

So at this point in time let’s evaluate
What is it that you want in life
Does it involve somethin’ great
Or is it self absorbed filled with hate

‘Cause I know despite ethnicity
We are all the same race of humanity
Enough of this divide in society
Let’s beat the odds of the negativity

Erase the pains of violent tendencies
Start off tomorrow with a new strategy
We gotta get better than this I believe
Please Lord let your grace be seen

Chorus x2:
Lord let your blessings fall

To rid this world of all the pain, pain, pain, pain

God please have your light shine through it all

After all we’re all the same, same, same, same… in the rain

Dead Music

Sir Pure (Feat. TheJBKid) – “Dead Music”

1st Verse:
If I had a dime for every time
I heard a good mainstream track
I’d still be poor, they all just lack
No creativity, no depth, no shine

I’m left wonderin why
Why am I listenin to this
Why does this get a publicist
Why does this deserve millions

It appears as if they’re no longer artists
Just filled the scene with puppets
I can’t remember the last instance
In which, there was a full message

That could apply to the masses
That didn’t involve somethin selfish

2nd Verse:
Now I don’t claim perfection
Nor do I strive for it
One thing is for certain
And that’s knowin what’s legitimate

It isn’t this current mainstream
Much like our country
It isn’t what those before us
Worked so hard to build up

Yet here it is left layin on the table
The pulse fadin, needin resuscitation
Needin a fix, but are we able
Or is the industry too far in the wind

Don’t run to the TV
Think about the content that you’re hearing

3rd Verse:
Stuck bound in these chains
They’re enslaving your brain
With ruthless intent to formulate
An army against something great

You see there is plenty of quality
It’s just not present publicly
The best music is struggling
Underground bein made passionately

It ignores this conformity we see
Constantly from the new industry
Instead of focusin purely on money
It’s about emotion and real feeling

Educate yourself on the art
Mainstream music is nowhere to start

Coming Home

Sir Pure (Feat. Skylar Grey) – “Coming Home” (Remix)

It’s been a long year
Not a whole lot to cheer
But my vision now is ever so clear
Movin forward still without fear
It’s time to kick all this back into gear

Heaven is my home, this I know
But I’m still stuck in this crescendo
Might as well get to polishin my flow
Find a residence here in the studio
Ready or not here we go

So much to say I’m still breathin
Walkin this land tryin to introduce meanin
Cause of what it is I believe in
World changin so much I feel like an alien
Outcast now just cause I’m a Christian

I’m no better, I’m no worse, I have sin
The difference is I’ve been forgiven
I fell to my knees and repented
I wasn’t afraid to admit my mistakes
I wouldn’t be here without His blessing and grace

My heart still pumps blood
Air still has to enter my lungs
My mind still faces temptation
Eyes still see evil and hatred
And I’ve never been perfect in any situation

But here I am still just a human
Tryin to use the gifts I’ve been given
Stressed out, I know how you feel
Wonderin what to prepare as our next meal
I’ve found I need to dine in what’s real

My love for the Lord cannot be concealed
I’d rather be free than sign a record deal
That’s why you voted on my next release
Where it looks like I’ll tackle some controversy

I’m coming home, I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know His kingdom awaits
And He’s forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m coming

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