If I told you that you’re unique
Would you actually believe me
Or argue that you’re one of many
Nothing special just an object of reality

Purpose escapes the minds of many souls
They let themselves fade never setting any goals
Caught up in certain movements that produce pain
Never allowing themselves to learn about gains

Color doesn’t define existence
But many associate differences
We classify our pets by one commonality
But for some reason don’t do the same for humanity

Hair and eyes have different shades
But still get classified in the same way
When skin color comes into effect
That’s where things are less than perfect

If someone were to tan or bleach, what does that change
The answer is nothing because their human all the same
Look at blood transfusions and organ donations
Race doesn’t occupy the label since it’s a human destination

We’re all the same much like cats and dogs
Amongst ourselves we can reproduce and communicate dialogue
No matter the nationality or ethnicity
The fact remains we’re all the race of humanity

Lies occupy the messages we’ve seen
Which is why many relationships aren’t clean
Tensions have built amongst the populace
Which is why we need to negate the injustice

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