I know that our love hasn’t met
But everything about you is hard to forget
The laugh, the speech, the smile, the meet
All of you has me on the edge of my seat

I can hardly wait each day to experience you
A longing that was gone the last I knew
But you’ve revived that essence of connection
Giving me hope once again to develop certain affection

Delivering a calm in the storm
Your very presence brings forth the warmth
An innocence long lost in this generation
The very elegance of rareness is within your foundation

Every aspect of you is of interest
That’s why this feeling of mine persists
An adventure awaits for us to learn more
I can hardly wait to encounter what’s in store



When she smiles my heart melts
Her voice exemplifies how relaxation is felt
Smooth tones and soft spoken, truly unique
Each time she’s around it’s always entertaining

Life of the party always creating memories
It’s hard to put it into words the essence of this woman’s glory
A true treasure almost imaginary
A personality that resounds courtesy

Someone with confidence and dignity
Successful in more ways than just the monetary
Respect and kindness are a few of her specialties
Anyone who has met her considers it a blessing


There are many rhythms in this beat of life
Some provide euphoria and others strife
What reason have you been put under the knife

Do people dissect your every move
Do they judge without having a clue
Do others not offer ways to improve
Do bystanders simply just ignore you

Mental and physical a land of mystery
The human life is quite the journey
So many variables to make them all differing

One can have success
One will have lots of tests
One should do that or this
One could bring forth bliss

How it all shakes out is determined
Will your story be facts or fiction
What you say and how others perceive
Will in the end portray your legacy

Freeze Frame

I’m stuck with a view
I don’t know what to do
She is there smiling
Who it is, I have no clue
My mind fixated as to why
Why is she in my mind
We’ve never met at any time
I zoom in closer to analyze
Still unaware of this sign
She’s frozen still as I fly
A fully rendered being
This all seems troubling
I know I’m dreaming
But her smile is still beaming
What does this mean
I try to embrace it all, it’s serene
I don’t want this to break
But I feel myself begging to awake
Lost forever now in mystique
Will we one day perhaps meet
I doubt I’ll ever know
Who she is or where she’ll go
The experience is long vanished
But my view of her hasn’t diminished

Don’t Conform

It’s important to eliminate the restrictions
Don’t be distant and hesitant in being different
We’re all unique and all equal
Don’t fall into hate and become a sequel

Live for good and be understood
Stray away from the craze of being a sex slave
There’s more to life than simple pleasures
Go and live it your joy will be beyond measure

I can’t say enough about the tragedies
Each and everyday there’s more that we don’t see
Hard to believe it isn’t public
Then those behind it though, wouldn’t profit

Such horror being endured in the darkness
That’s why your light has to shine regardless
Because if you don’t, who will
Since there are far too many just out for a thrill

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