It’s quiet time in my heart
An unfamiliar feeling even from the start
Back in the times where memory doesn’t exist
I imagine it was still filled with bliss

Questions continue to arise
With no sense of answer in sight
My mind races intelligibly
But the rotation of this world keeps me away from assembly

Electricity seems to carry a greater power
Everyone connected to technology hour by hour
Various resources at our finger tips
Still not many thinking for themselves, just instead accept ignorance

My pulse still shows mountains to climb and valleys to fall
I’ve seen so many things, but I doubt I’ve seen them all
I’ve heard so many things, but I doubt I’ve heard enough
With each passing second there is someone out there whose life is rough

Actions are being taken causing various effects
A lone man here with so much to say, but why do so if it doesn’t protect
A predator lies in wait for its prey
However, I’ve chosen to rest in silence and pray

There’s strength in numbers, it’s no false tale
So why do we separate the togetherness to make us frail



If you’re of a certain belief
Then you’re aware we started with Adam and Eve
If you say we’re animals, how can it be
When we’re the only ones who can understand and fulfill our dreams

Money seems to be the thing that many continue to chase
While believing a lie that we are of a different race
Hair is hair and eyes are eyes, so why should color of skin imply
The need for hate to arise when we can all reproduce and maintain similar insides

Many controversial topics continue to pulsate
Within each and every nation at an alarming rate
The global population identifies with one single number
So why can’t we share one common love for another

The view of responsibility needs to be reconnected
So that we can propel a better agenda to those who are elected
Unity seems to have long been lost
When those claiming peace use violence to express their thoughts

There is a lot yet to overcome
I just hope more light spreads through the dark before our time is done
Every second that passes is another closer to our death bed
So please be extremely aware of the knowledge that enters your head


As we sit back and collect our thoughts
Are we paving the correct way on this day
Do our actions display what we want taught
Who are we impacting with our journey

It’s easy to look around at the negatives of life
Yet life itself is something to be celebrated
There is an over abundance of strife
But the miracle of babies should never be under appreciated

We tend to focus on our immediate surroundings
With surprises and occurrences that directly effect
But each day thousands of lives are just beginning
Something we take for granted and need to show respect

It isn’t right to take away that opportunity
With generations and eras on this planet continuing
The fact remains we need to acquire more unity
Growing with, instead of against each other… congruently

Knock Knock

For some it’s the beginning of a joke
While for others the sound before tragic news
Information that leaves them feeling emotionally broke
Cause it’s the death of a loved one for which they didn’t choose

Many things these days get celebrated
Most of which don’t deserve the accolades
Many things get spoken of in order to be inflated
Most of which shouldn’t even get the time of day

There’s a problem when courage isn’t rewarded
When attention isn’t given to those who sacrifice for our nation
Just because danger is in their job description
Doesn’t mean they should lack proper respect being awarded

It is an extreme tragedy for many families
When the one who chose to serve falls in the line of duty
This happens all too often without any notoriety
Don’t get me wrong I understand the concept of privacy
Just seems the element of publicly caring should be displayed properly

I can’t imagine the pain for those who open the door to face that weight
What it may be that runs through their mind on that day
Knowing the gap in time since they last saw them may have been great
It is a sad truth that happens often causing much dismay

These service men and women deserve remembrance
As well as their families receiving supportive assistance
There shouldn’t be any need for others to be made convinced
It’s a simple act of unity and grace amongst fellow citizens
That seems to be lacking within these new generations

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