With all the media and text you consume
The final decision of what to believe is up to you
The wisdom and intellect that gets relayed
Ultimately depends on your heart and mind’s decided pathway

Sometimes facts are presented, but plenty is unexplained
Lots of questions are formulated for us to figure out each day
Behind the layers of fear, is your conscience clear
Is this something you can accept, will you maintain self respect

Words and letters swirling like a tornado
Engulfing our thoughts sending chills down our torso
What will determine your next choice
Will you speak up and maintain your own voice

Don’t let the abundance of pressure sink you into depression
Contemplating decision after decision just leaves you left wishin’
The storm shouldn’t determine the outcome
Your presence is needed to be present in every situation

Show yourself that you care and become aware
Wake up to life and don’t imprison yourself in despair



It’s quiet time in my heart
An unfamiliar feeling even from the start
Back in the times where memory doesn’t exist
I imagine it was still filled with bliss

Questions continue to arise
With no sense of answer in sight
My mind races intelligibly
But the rotation of this world keeps me away from assembly

Electricity seems to carry a greater power
Everyone connected to technology hour by hour
Various resources at our finger tips
Still not many thinking for themselves, just instead accept ignorance

My pulse still shows mountains to climb and valleys to fall
I’ve seen so many things, but I doubt I’ve seen them all
I’ve heard so many things, but I doubt I’ve heard enough
With each passing second there is someone out there whose life is rough

Actions are being taken causing various effects
A lone man here with so much to say, but why do so if it doesn’t protect
A predator lies in wait for its prey
However, I’ve chosen to rest in silence and pray

There’s strength in numbers, it’s no false tale
So why do we separate the togetherness to make us frail


I don’t know if you’ve been told, so give me a second to be bold
Each time I hear your voice I’m sold
It is given proof that God is in existence
Because it sounds so angelic as if you’re speaking directly from Heaven

That bright shining smile with kindness in your heart
It all had me intrigued from the very start
I know you’re smart and you’re beautiful
I’m sure you’ve heard it before because you’re truly special

All the time that passes by I hope you never falter
Your positive attitude is so refreshing like water
Nourishment is paramount in our daily lives
And given your presence the good vibes always calm my mind

Having been able to meet you, I’m truly satisfied
My life has benefited from our lives being intertwined
Common interests are always a fun occurrence
But what I cherish is all of you through your influence

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