If they say life is a beach
Then girl let your love shine down on me
Like the glass of the sea
I want to create sparkles in your eyes for all to see
Giving you the warmth of the sand
While I forever embrace your hand
To provide a nudge in the right direction
Like the breeze that gives you a relaxed sensation
A time of paradise to uplift you to a peaceful destination
Leaving an impact on you like the tan in your skin



When she smiles my heart melts
Her voice exemplifies how relaxation is felt
Smooth tones and soft spoken, truly unique
Each time she’s around it’s always entertaining

Life of the party always creating memories
It’s hard to put it into words the essence of this woman’s glory
A true treasure almost imaginary
A personality that resounds courtesy

Someone with confidence and dignity
Successful in more ways than just the monetary
Respect and kindness are a few of her specialties
Anyone who has met her considers it a blessing


I don’t know if you’ve been told, so give me a second to be bold
Each time I hear your voice I’m sold
It is given proof that God is in existence
Because it sounds so angelic as if you’re speaking directly from Heaven

That bright shining smile with kindness in your heart
It all had me intrigued from the very start
I know you’re smart and you’re beautiful
I’m sure you’ve heard it before because you’re truly special

All the time that passes by I hope you never falter
Your positive attitude is so refreshing like water
Nourishment is paramount in our daily lives
And given your presence the good vibes always calm my mind

Having been able to meet you, I’m truly satisfied
My life has benefited from our lives being intertwined
Common interests are always a fun occurrence
But what I cherish is all of you through your influence


I normally walk with my head held high
Confidence soaring as the days pass by
Not afraid to take the stand necessary
To thwart the things that are derogatory

However there was a time cowardice slipped in
Long ago when immaturity was lingering within
There was a woman in which I felt a connection
Little did I know not telling her would lead to this infection

Years lost and unfair comparisons at times
Many wasted thoughts and regret in my mind
Never have I met anyone similar to date
Little did I know the fate of the choice I made

Looking back hindsight is always 20/20
In this case there’s no telling if the love would’ve been plenty
We were kids, just young teens
How was I suppose to know what it was supposed to mean

Life took us our separate ways
Success came for us differently as our stories portrayed
She found the happiness through a relationship
While I’ve had great experiences as the result of my education

Hard to tell what could’ve or would’ve been
I could’ve been rejected back when
Not knowing for certain is what kills
Especially now knowing I won’t have certain thrills

Regardless of our different paths
It seems we’ve remained somewhat similar to our past
She may have done things inbetween to turn me away
However, I’ll never know since we never shared those days

Due to that happening I’ve never forgotten
It stuck with me and continues to feel rotten
So I vowed as a man of my word, NEVER AGAIN
Never again… will I let something go unsaid


One day there will be a woman who rises up out of the abyss she’s embedded herself in. She will speak out against the abuse that she’s endured and the addictions she’s overcame. Someday soon this individual will rise to the forefront to speak out upon what many think is a desirable way of living. She will explain her story and reveal the unpleasantries that exist within such a lifestyle making a courageous stand against the ill effects it spreads. This particular woman will touch the lives of many others who are currently involved or were considering venturing down a similar path. Not only will she have helped guide them into saving their own lives, but they to will impact the lives of others who they may know to be embraced within these forms of practice. One fateful day this long awaited female will trust herself enough to step into the battlefield that will catapult her into the greatness that is awaiting her. Though she may feel right now she isn’t worth much, in time… she will learn that she was meant for so much more. When that day comes it will be a glorious sight to see the journey unfold.

Freeze Frame

I’m stuck with a view
I don’t know what to do
She is there smiling
Who it is, I have no clue
My mind fixated as to why
Why is she in my mind
We’ve never met at any time
I zoom in closer to analyze
Still unaware of this sign
She’s frozen still as I fly
A fully rendered being
This all seems troubling
I know I’m dreaming
But her smile is still beaming
What does this mean
I try to embrace it all, it’s serene
I don’t want this to break
But I feel myself begging to awake
Lost forever now in mystique
Will we one day perhaps meet
I doubt I’ll ever know
Who she is or where she’ll go
The experience is long vanished
But my view of her hasn’t diminished


I don’t want to throw it all away
Just because the way society is today
I can’t blame anyone else
Because I can control myself
I won’t let it die as long as I have my health

You see as long as I’m alive
I will continue to strive
To make respect and love be felt
Since I want to see women grow, not melt

Romance isn’t what it use to be
With many privileges coming with ease
Or rather redefined and not seen as unique
Due to the wants of those that are weak

I can plainly see guilt on both sides
As not many even try to hide
Their so open with their private matters
It makes one wonder if it can get any better

No matter what society isn’t me
I won’t conform to the new norm
As women remain in my eyes a true beauty

I can’t stand to see them undervalued and hurt
When the best of everything is all they deserve
Protection, guard, decency, comfort, and care
The list goes on, but these actions now all seem so rare

So I’ll move forward with my duty
To carry on a long lost legacy
Where I can hope to possibly
Eradicate the poor treatment of the ladies
By continuing to introduce some chivalry

Dear Woman,

Hello there my fair Ms.
I hope your day is well and filled with bliss
You might have a few troubles
However if you need me, I’ll be there on the double

I’d rather see you smile all the while
No need for a frown on that beautiful face
The way your eyes gleam when happy is proper style
Nothing I’d rather see you experience other than grace

Doesn’t matter your height or weight love
Whatever you see in the mirror is more than enough
What lies within your heart is where I’ll start
The pursuit of your dreams no matter what is smart

Don’t get hung up on what others may think
Respect yourself throughout every time you blink
Your choices can shape your emotions
Worry will only hold you back from proper promotion

Keep that desire that fuels your fire
Reach all your goals despite what others may inquire
Your life is yours at the end of the day
Keep your sights clear to avoid the shades of grey

Remain loyal to that of what you’re worth
No man should rob you of your mirth
The entirety of yourself is the ultimate gift
Just don’t give it away without a true commitment

You’re worth more than any diamond
You’re worth more than any prized possession
You’re not just another materialistic good
You’re not a person who should be misunderstood

Real love is out there if you remain patient
No need to rush into an uncomfortable situation
I’d rather not see you suffer, but rather dwell in kindness
So if you can, please avoid the temptations

You deserve to be loved and protected at all times
Treated fairly and inspired to reach the top of your climb
Don’t ever sell yourself short on what you can achieve
Anything can be reached my dear if you truly believe

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