I’ve waited waited and waited
But you’ve faded faded and faded
A distant dream of my memory
Now it doesn’t matter what anyone tells me

The notion of quality
With standards that are nifty
At long last, it’s almost as if
None of them no longer exist

They can’t be found, just like you
Someone who took my thoughts, or at least use to
Now left empty with nothing in sight
Alone at last through the night

No questions of wonder
No questions to put me under
No question of when or how
Just the answers of the here and now



Want to make a difference, than seize it
Want to see change, you’re green lit
Want your voice heard, than scream it
Want to be taken serious, just mean it

Lies dry, emotions fly
Ill time, faded lines
Cautious actions taken
Yet, you still feel forsaken

Pros and cons, which side are you on
Risk and reward, will you press forward
Cause and effect, what’s your prospect

You lie awake
Thinking about the mistakes
And the pains of heartache

To see change, you must be it
To heal pain, you must seal it

Not knowing what’s next is a mystery
Just don’t let it prevent your delivery

It’s best to pursue your dreams freely

So… do you see what I see


A moment in time that passes us by
We still sit in silence with wonders of why
Can we ever grasp the moment, will we even try
Or will we watch it evaporate up into the sky
Remnants of the past creep in our head, so sly
When the future is the issue that makes us sigh
Enough of the pathway that makes us shy
Provide a little insight so others don’t cry
There’s a fine line each time we reply
With expression not always translating correctly from our minds eye
Our compassion needs to apply
Since this world has focused more on what it can buy
The emotions that make us unique are what need to fly
So the morality that is left doesn’t completely die
When we continue to look out and spy
The madness that is seen isn’t short on supply
Which is why change is needed, so all of us don’t fry


Some people express the thought of genius
As I’m stuck down in the depths of my imagination
I squander certain opportunities, they’re dismissed
Because of personal choice in regards to premonition
Swimming in the never ending sea of resistance
I question the area around me and its definition

I have my air pack unlimited with the breath of life
But I’m still anticipating the inevitable pressure surrounding me
Some choose to cut through to alleviate via the knife
When self harm eradicates any form of personal healing

I strategize each plot without truly knowing what I got
It’s tough to see what all is floating by as I go through
The current has me tightly engulfed whisking by glorious spots
I notice some rot within, but pleased at the capability of becoming new

Replenishing each memory of satisfiable moral standing
I’m left wondering which of those aspects is left existing
Hard to find as much in this world of violence, pain, and sorrow
I’m surrounded by this foreign earth, with hopes of a better tomorrow

I’m embedded deep with the one who has the greatest presence
Yet face a crowd of rejection through various injections of dissonance
It’s hard to save that which doesn’t want to be helped with aid
Though the grave is looming beneath despite whatever it is you are paid

I’m submerged in this ocean of fantasy, trying to gasp at the graces of reality
My spirituality has me lifted as each day I awake is one that is gifted
I’m still surprised at the eyes of beauty, which leads so many to lives of tragedy

Seeking what you don’t have because of want
Doesn’t fulfill the needs that pull you out of this liquid
Going about life in a manner that is nonchalant
Won’t get you to that paradise of greatness you once depicted


Reacquainted, Reestablished, and Reconnected it all felt so real
It’s been years now, but I still ask “what’s the deal?”
Time was shared and laughs were had
We expressed ourselves and aided each other through the bad

Prior to the experiences there was a huge gap
Life took us in different directions just to bring us back
We were there for each other our connection was deep
Yet, I sit here on this day where I still haven’t heard a peep
If I ignored positive messages from someone I cared for I sure couldn’t sleep
So I am guilty of wondering, “was it all just a dream?”

I can’t say that the times weren’t confusing
But the both of us knew what we were doing
Sharing our lives together to make the others better
Still can’t believe there was silence after my letters

We each lost someone important in our lives
However the only side to speak was mine
It’s all good and fine, life is quite busy I realize
But it contradicts the words I once heard from her, “so were they lies?”
Were my emotions being tricked by my mind?

It all felt so real, nothing shady from the lady
Until the lines became blurred almost grainy
Outside comments were made and shared
But never discussed between us cause it didn’t seem to matter

Who knows though maybe it did
Because I’m left here feeling blank about our relationship
Where did it all go wrong, when did the bond disappear
It may be a bit awkward our next meet potentially later this year

I don’t hold any fear
I am just rather confused my dear
We were once so close
This is probably for the better I suppose

The fact remains the same
Every time I hear her name
I associate it with love and kindness
So I hope her life continues with nothing but success and happiness

Top Story

What a shame that in this day
I turn to the news to yet another tragedy
Violence arisen with little suspicion
Leaves the family members questionin
What it is that had actually happened

Why did they lose their loved one
What is it exactly that they had done
Nobody deserves that surprise
The one where life is drained from the eyes
And the only thing living is the memories left behind

Streets filled with murder and drugs
Trying to negotiate terms with guns
This isn’t how it was suppose to be
Livin life for the mystery of money

Tears flooding the faces of the innocent
Because someone they loved fell victim
To the rise of evil lurking in the distance
No longer any comfort with the lack of restrictions
That these actions have on each and every citizen

Where does it stop, when can we breathe
How do these crimes quench the thirst of greed
Discrepancy in each and every top story
Always a negative that results from a selfish prerogative

Where has the essence of common sense gone
Is taking a life really the only solution
There is enough suffering for ones liking
So why not end it with a new form of understanding

Rift of Relation

Strung up hangin by a thread
What is this nonsense goin through my head
Forever single that is what I had said
Now feelin lonely yearnin for a love that’s dead

Classic case of wantin what I can’t have
High standards that won’t go away
In times like this it just doesn’t exist
The well rounded aspects of a woman that matches

Heart pumpin at a snails pace
No stress, yet it is developin a form of ache
I’m not one for the flesh, but I’m still human
That aspect and age is beginnin
Where it’s hard to be resistant to the feelin

Who knows maybe it’s just a phase
Cause I’m not really ready to engage
In such a situation considerin all the temptations
That lay in wait when a relationship happens

Flow of Mind

When the floodgates open and fools rush in
I can’t believe the madness that begins
Holdin out for somethin fresh
When this Earth just can’t relinquish such things as this

Havin to pretend in order to feel happiness
Lookin to fallacies to obtain some wish
Instead of facin reality of consequence
Not knowin what will come next

We look to the dreams and sky
With continuous questions of why
Why the circumstances continue to elevate
Instead of subside and delegate

I just want to pass this process of trance
That has me locked down in some mental prison
Keepin me at bay, instead of out in a lyrical stance
That could potentially alter one’s vision
To turn their life around instead of eludin to chance

As we prance to the dance that has our thoughts in collision
I sit back listenin to the internal clock
Tellin me there isn’t enough time to contemplate
Sittin around wastin my time wonderin what could be
But to go forward and take action usin writin and rhythm in unison

I face the trouble of not knowin where to go
From here on out I just wish I could take my degree
Use it to get my life started without the slow show
Takin its sweet time to grow into somethin worth the money

Why would I have wasted years of study
Just to end up with far less money
Not usin what it is I have learned through passion
Because I am at a stalemate with this lack of progression

I only have the pen and the pad
To release these demons that I’ve always had
It is sad that it comes to this causin nothin but anger
Drivin me away from the realness of truth into danger

Have so many people watchin my next move
So much pressure put on my shoulders by me in order to improve
Because of the sins I know I’ve committed and the times I didn’t listen
I’m left here empty now askin what to do to again be relevant

Why is it so hard to follow a particular journey
Why can’t I read the signs showin me the way
I have no desire to stray or do things selfishly
I just want the guidance to come a little more clearly

Everytime I hesitate someone else seems to suffer
When I don’t answer the call there is some sort of blunder
If I don’t listen to what it is I was gifted
Then I am losin the chance for someone to be lifted

Have the hot commotion and trend of fashion
Tryin to depict what it is we all are wearin
I stay free spirited because I’d rather not follow
Some sort of ideal that has me changin every tomorrow

I need to grasp that concept in the important things
Maybe then I can come around to the plan God has for me
Curiosity kills the cat some tend to say
When man’s best friend spelled backwards is the light of the way

Capitalize the G before you O-D
So that you can clearly see what love is
Before you take the wrong step into the dark abyss
That has a hold of you subliminally through your conscience

Trackin the flow through your veins
Only the blood of the heart should go
Not the hindrance of alter ego
Causin distress to the regimen of your mind frame

Recreational we all want to be to entertain fun
Since we continue to live under the microscope of the sun
Wishin and waitin for that day we break out
Tryin to live free of the pressure, but that always provides doubts

Regret is the shame we all maintain
When we do somethin that we know is a mistake
We can’t take it back because the time has passed
So we try to relish in what it is we do have

The results may or may not be warranted
But we don’t have a choice now since with choice comes circumstance
With a pro comes a con, but sometimes there isn’t much to stand on
There is too much skill towards ill will it makes me cringe
What will it take to cross over the proper bridge

I want to be off the island of chess
Thinkin four steps ahead just isn’t my forte
I’d rather not be involved in this mess
Much less the stress it entails, I’d rather have it another way

Sittin back and sippin the drink as I think
How to avoid soundin like the typical shrink
Tryin to voice an outlet for people to take
Before their mind breaks from an untimely emotional earthquake

Open roads and flatland to deliver the sense of freedom
Tryin to open the sound waves before too many get claustrophobic
With these repetitious lines of confinement actin like a tick
Parasitic to their wishes, preventin them the right to fulfill the agenda

What steps will the nation take to make it all better
So many complaints, threats, and letters
Suggestion is for the weak it’s time to take a stand
We can’t be afraid to grasp that invisible hand leadin to a better land

Irate we’ve all become losin patience with focus on stardom
Money, cash, currency has become the new contact lens
Since it covers the vision of a number too large to fathom
Tryin to measure success by materialism somethin we need to cleanse

The stains of a horrific endeavor many hide away in fear
Continuin the after thought introducin terror year after year
When one country suffers another one cheers
What kind of outlook is that in times such as these when the end is near

Got a lot of anticipation these days for what may come in twenty twelve
Yet the Bible is one of the last books where people will delve
How sad it is to know they may not be aware
That there is a Heavenly Father and Savior that truly cares

It will be hard to face those who’ve crossed my path
Knowin they may have not realized the impact my words initially had
I want them on my side of the line when time gets wiped dry
So there is no faint indication of a why

The story continues as we march to the drum
Wakin up every day wonderin what it is we will become
A mystery that has yet to be solved
But needs to be figured out before all the lost souls dissolve


I can feel myself slippin away
Slowly as the time ticks each day
I don’t know what else to say
But the more I write the quicker I fade

It’s almost like I’m holdin on just to speak this
Since when I die all that you’ll have left of me are these lyrics
I am bein preserved to fulfill his wishes
To get the point across in a manner only I have been gifted

Hard to face the facts that I may not reach my Birthday
Because each time I feel a rise of life, in comes somethin shady
Pain tuggin at my insides before I can even realize
That I am no where near the end of my climb

These demons that are tryin to get me to break
Don’t seem to know where it is I am destined to go
When the time comes for me not to awake
I shall overcome their antics tryin to lure me into the shadows

I can’t let those who look up to me see any discrepancies
Because it is the Holy Spirit that lives within me
Not some attack from the evil conspiracy
So to give in or shake would be a mistake I couldn’t ever be

I try to remain calm in all this that goes on
Reflectin back in life like slow motion when the lights are off
Dreamin of what was unseen in past situations
To better me as a man quickly before the coming of Revelations

I don’t know how else to progress
When I’m no king, yet I’m in checkmate
With all this nonsense producin new forms of hate
Disallowin people like me to infiltrate a form of success
Gettin people aware that they also can be blessed

Avoidin the distress that is caused with mental illusion
I face the fact that I’m made up of more than just human
I need to draw resources from Heaven to fulfill the regimen
That my life is meant for here on this planet

So one day people like you can also have the relationship
That takes away the pain and cleanses the sinful stains
Risin you up out of the gutter that this society has become
To put you in motion as an example for someone else’s freedom

I may be just a young man, but even I know there is a bigger plan
You can’t be stingy and ignorant to the fact
That the universe is bigger than you no matter how you act
So here I stand seconds closer to death hopin you react
To the gift that has been given to you through Christ the lamb


Constant mainstream conspiracies
Overwhelming the thoughts and ideas of many
Holding them captive only to be distracted
Pulling them away from their true calling

Blind to the aspect to repent
In a way that can change them today
Raising them up for many blessings

Global violence and unusual stylists
Changing the way many are portrayed
With a twist so sadistic many seem to miss it
Since they lack the proper belief system

People throw drugs and medication
At any form of excruciating pain
In the hopes that it soon fades away
Yet when trouble comes in the form of complete disarray
Many don’t know where to look in this day and age

Trying to find a prescription for their emotional pain
Through sex, through drugs, through alcohol, etcetera
Every unfathomable body damaging way

Strikes of shame on reminiscent decay
With their mind so hazy, they can’t be observant today
To communicate with the mysterious display
That is their answer to overcome this dismay

For the cure to these despicable methods
I kneel and I pray for change
Because each day the clock ticks
It’s another second longer they miss out on the gift

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