Lie In Darkness

Listen while you read here

In a world so dark we sometimes forget the good
We’re told to do certain things as if we should
But are they really the best options
With so much fear and instability, we need solutions
All the problems that surface it’s hard to take
Are you not tired of all this heartache

Sympathy seems to be lacking
We’d much rather go out and tweet
Whatever it is a celebrity says like a parakeet
Becoming more and more like sheep

So intent to share things on facebook
Instead of enterin’ the real world showcasin’ our outlook
Airin’ out dirty laundry an enhanced form of gossip
It’s no mystery why hatred continues to blossom

Throw out a photo on instagram about a cause
While actually sittin’ privately frozen in a pause
Bein’ primarily focused on acquirin’ likes and follows
Just shows how much humanity has hollowed

We now anticipate rewards without any pursuit
Hardly anyone speakin’ up for hope, it’s as if most are on mute
I’m left curious on what technology has done
Supposedly it produces connection, but I see none

Since when did risk symbolize impossible
The amount of lazy has become despicable
This darkness that continues to consume
Will eventually lead us into our doom

There are many attempts to preserve a sense of trust
When in reality the actions just resemble a bust
It’s hard to invest in somethin’ that can end up corrupt
Too many want materials that will one day just be dust

Wake up… seriously wake up

Life comes and goes
Don’t lie in the darkness with no hope
Analyze your surroundings, are they pleasant
If not, swallow your pride and repent
It’s simple the work has been completed
But your journey is meant to help repeat it

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