The Act

All the fans caught up with their favorite acts
But what is it that they really get back?
It seems all of them act a fool to attract the fools
Goin’ around laughin at the fact they lack the tools

See a lot of times it seems they just want luxury
Not only the money from your wallet, but pure envy
It’s strange these days what passes for supposed good music
I know that I can hardly stand to listen to it

What sense of accomplishment do you think they get?
How is it that they instead of you deserve any of it
You’ve supported their career, which they live in fear
Cause if it got taken away, where do they get the cheers?

See thousands of us everyday live in poverty
With the hundreds of them living famously
Some take it the extra step to give back
But in all reality how often is that

Mainstream acts lose themselves in this new allure
Where they want more money and materials, go figure
It’s not about the art and the community that supports
It’s the selfish greed that feeds their need to have no retort

Success is a privilege that comes with great responsibility
If you’re not for making a positive impact substantially
Then why is it you want to be in the public eye so badly
Why is it many of them don’t want relations, but still notoriety

A lot of it makes no sense when you really look at it
The land of the famous appears all attractive
Still many say once it’s acquired they just can’t stand it
So which is it, what’s their reasons or perspectives

It seems it all just falls in line with trying to find an identity
Something they’ve lacked along in their journey’s
So a façade occurs to hide their personal insanity
All the while in hot pursuit of hiding their better qualities

Cause when it comes to the mainstream it appears as slavery
Not really the same people they once were in the beginning
As if they were stripped their rights of origin
During this course of career engulfing them in confusion


Not real?

So you say God’s not real
Huh, tell me then how you feel
Not your opinion but the sense
Somethin’ rather simplistic compared to planetary orbit

The fact is you can’t explain it all
Your precious science has all kinds of downfalls
It can explain certain things to develop an understanding
But we weren’t made with the intent to be all-knowing

You want to disregard the fact of being made
Yet you yourself wouldn’t be here, so cut the charade
You’ll admit to creativity, but creation doesn’t exist
If that’s so then how are we even discussing this?

In order for something to be created, there’s a creator
In order for something to originate, there’s a purpose
None of this happened by accident
Just look into the plethora of phenomena surroundin’ ya

Yet people continue to go off belligerent
Not even acting the least bit hesitant
To make their case denying the facet of all this content
How is it you can feel this way after waking up each day?

God’s not real, huh?
Then how is it that I’m talking to ya
How is it there’s a universe so vast
That all your denials simply can’t surpass

Each and everyday I encounter the lack of faith
Millions of people disregarding the truth it’s sad
They have their own mission to justify their actions
Yet we all know it’s an excuse to avoid true compassion

They’d rather not feel connected or utilized as unique
Because then they’d have to admit they haven’t reached their peak
All these excuses, how can they do it so frequently?
Proof is all around us especially in our own body

Many are afraid of death, when it is unavoidable
Each day we age and get closer to the soil
They’d rather fantasize about possible immortality
When right in front of them is a gift of eternity

A lot of their misconceptions seem just fine
They just can’t see the gap that lies within their minds
The doubters call themselves faithless in description
When everyday they exercise faith like expressions

The answers have always been right in front of them
Just for some reason their blinded to the promises
They cast hate out into the world with their ignorance
Rather than act cordial like they expect of us Christians

God’s not real, huh?
Then how is it that I’m talking to ya
How is it the idea of invention is widely accepted
But not applied to the thoughts of where this all came from

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
My stance remains the same and it’s not Religion
Experience life and you’ll know it was gifted
By the one who created it all, God the Father who is in Heaven

Star Spangled

(Listen to it here) “Star Spangled”

Once and for all I’d like to see the downfall
Of this hypnotic erotic societal crawl
One nation under God, in which we stand
But currently we’re stuck lying down on our faces flat

Everyone struggling to face the facts
Hard to make changes when no one reacts
The lack of motivation is rather staggering
Bust out the Richter cause these vibes are everlasting

None of these devious devices are getting past me
I’m educated to the style of their blasphemy
Creativity has become a blessing and a curse
The plethora of it is often taken for better or worse

It’s a wonder what will come of this web
As it blows in the wind seeking a destination
All the lies entangled amongst the star spangled
Tremors rising the tide from all different angles

A flood won’t happen again, but emotions beg to differ
As pain increases making us all a little stiffer
Afraid to move and afraid to act
Hard to laugh when we actually face the facts

Down, down we go as opportunities pass
Will we grab a hold of hope or sink below the grass
The stash of answers isn’t hidden away
Can we please come to that realization today

You can’t label illness upon every problem
Not everything can be classified as a condition
So while you’re sittin their wishin for tolerance
Remember that there’ll be a time of judgment

To Say Goodbye

(Listen to the full track here) “To Say Goodbye” (Feat. Chris Ray)

1st Verse:
Please, please don’t leave me
I need you and so does our baby
Atleast wake up so he can look into your eyes
I’ll admit I’m a little selfish I want to see your smile one last time

I can’t believe what I thought would be routine
Turns out to be taking the life of my wifey
Why is this happening I can’t bear this loss
What did I do to deserve this, is it my fault?

We need you in our lives to make us both better
How can this family function without us together
I want my son to grow along with his Mother
Don’t go just yet, please find a way to be ok

Can you hear him crying, I’m trying to keep calm
Not sure how I can cope seeing the life leave your palms
I know you’re off to a better place, this is just a surprise
You are my everything, you weren’t suppose to die

2nd Verse:
I’m sorry that I couln’t be at your bedside
I’m left here at my house thinkin of all the memories
As each one passes by a tear drops from my eyes
I knew this day was coming with your disease

I just had hoped it still wouldn’t become a reality
You were always so kind and taught me a lot
You’re in my heart always, you won’t be forgotten
I wish I had one more moment with you than I got

Your life was a beautiful thing, you created a legacy
It was hard for me to let you go especially
I see you every time our family gets together
And it is a pleasure to always think back and remember

As each of us continues our lives
You live on within each of us, we show it with pride
It isn’t something any one of us would hide
Hard to believe it’s been over two years now though since you’ve died

3rd Verse:
I just received a phone call could it really be
We are suppose to gather the rest of the family
To say goodbye to a loved one that provided many good stories
This can’t be, I know life ends but why the one who calls me daddy

I don’t know if I can handle this as a part of me goes
There was so much I was looking forward to the Lord knows
If I could I would take your place
I can’t stand to see anything other than a smile on your face

I’m sorry my little baby, I can’t imagine your pain
I’d take it all away if I could, this is driving me insane
I want you to know that I love you so much
I’ll never forget your soft little touch

I wish you would come back to me
Cause the rest of my life I’ll be suffering
I know where you’re headed though will make you happy
But just know I’m looking forward to that day I see you again in glory


(Listen to the full track here) “War” (The Game diss)

Verse 1:
You say not to question your religion
When that’s somethin man made like materialism
You claim He is a just a piece
Instead of giving Him the respect of the Prince of Peace

Wantin the blessin to see a billion
Further proves your after somethin materialistic
The claim to fame isn’t through stacks of money
A fake Christian you don’t have a real testimony

Titlin your music based upon spiritual aspects
Then mixin it down into somethin thuggish
You can’t praise His name throwin the F bomb during Hallelujah
Quoted as a proclaimed gangsta after any girl that’ll be with ya

I don’t have time to list all the jokes you’ve made
Painting the picture of just yet another satanic slave
Usin words that don’t nourish or nurture
Your soul inside burnin in torture

The Holy Ghost isn’t somethin to pretend
You know for a fact if you have it or not kid

I know God is the judge, not me
But these cats are makin it hard not to do righteously
Takin the one and only name tryin to defame
I’m tired of this discriminate play of shame

I know God is the judge, not me
But these cats are makin it hard not to do righteously
I battle each and every day to do more
These types of acts leave me no choice but to go to war

Verse 2:
When saved you still get tempted and experience pain
But with your actions the cloak appears it’s still stained
If you’re callin to the right God your sins are washed away
Not for you to embed in them continuously day after day

But to show others how to overcome the same mistakes
What you do is tied to what you say
With that in tact it would appear you’re fake
You claim Jesus then hide Lucifer in your clay

Rhythm and blues, sad is what explains my mood
You apologize to your Mother then immediately act crude
Bringin in other artists talkin who think they know truths
When their disguise isn’t any better than the one you use

Get a clue with what you’re playin at dude
Murder on your mind as you involve guns in your tunes
Nothin impressive about treatin women bad
Especially havin a daughter yourself that’s just mad

Are you insane tryin to play this game
The time is comin close to the end of it’s frame

I know God is the judge, not me
But these cats are makin it hard not to do righteously
Takin the one and only name tryin to defame
I’m tired of this discriminate play of shame

I know God is the judge, not me
But these cats are makin it hard not to do righteously
I battle each and every day to do more
These types of acts leave me no choice but to go to war

Verse 3:
I know I’m not perfect and don’t claim to be
That being said there’s a huge difference between you and me
I’m not afraid to die by the guns you use as chains
Cause I’m not bound to this Earth Heaven is my domain

I don’t clamor or have fear of what the status may be next year
I live in the moment for the real Christ, the one you should cheer
You talk about a simple glisten due to your little diamonds
I embrace the real light that spoke all of this into existence

It takes persistence as I know I don’t deserve it
But the gift of Salvation is the only key to winnin
Nothin here should satisfy you it doesn’t hold worth
Materials don’t last forever they will rot in the dirt

Your soul however can rise up above
If you take faith seriously and embrace His love
I’ll call you out on your morals, so don’t go hide
It isn’t my word you should take, but in His you should abide

I know God is the judge, not me
But these cats are makin it hard not to do righteously
Takin the one and only name tryin to defame
I’m tired of this discriminate play of shame

I know God is the judge, not me
But these cats are makin it hard not to do righteously
I battle each and every day to do more
These types of acts leave me no choice but to go to war

Last Stand

(Listen to/Read the full track here) “Last Stand” (Feat. Chris Ray)

1st Verse:
You and I go together like bread and butter
In this entire universe there is no other
You’re the only one that I want as mine
It is you that I see each time I close my eyes

Always on my mind our memories shine
The light that tells me our love is divine
You’ve always embraced me tightly
And I want you to know you’re in my dreams nightly

I couldn’t have imagined a better life
Where each day I get the gift of you as my wife
I once thought it was impossible to feel this well
Until you arrived with a new story to tell

I’ve improved so much during our time
I’m committed to you baby for my entire life
We may have our differences here and there
But just know that you’re always my breath of fresh air

I honestly don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for you
When people say love is dying, they have no clue
You helped revive my passion inside
I’m glad to have your hand held in mine in this walk with each stride

2nd Verse:
All these relationships falling to the wayside
It’s nothing you have to worry about baby
My love for you is something that I’ll never hide
As you’re my only desire, my one and only lady

Despite having the fights I won’t ever give up
None of that stuff comes close enough to disrupt
The life we share, as in the end you’re my main care
Materials and decisions come and go, but I always want you there

Sharing life with you is my highest interest
I knew the first time I laid eyes on you that you were it
The one that would get me to be my best
Like a perfect puzzle all our pieces just seem to fit

This journey has been tight knit and it won’t change
No matter what it is that we face I’ll love you the same
I was raised to have integrity and live responsibly
And with our relationship your trust is also priority

So please know that however hard life gets
I’ll be there by your side to get through all of it
I wasn’t lying when I said my vows sweetheart
My appreciation for you will never ever depart

3rd Verse:
Some days I may forget to say I love you
It’s not that I take you for granted my love
I’m just left in amazement that I am your beau
And just know that it is implied each time we hug

I don’t ever want you to be afraid
Through sickness and health I’ll keep you safe
You’re the goal I never thought I’d achieve
I am blessed to have you, this I believe

As we continue to go forward facing new chapters
More and more of your heart is what I want to capture
I look forward to getting to know you as we grow older
Nothing can keep me from the quest of getting closer

No distraction can make me stray away from you this day
As our eyes meet each morning I know it’ll all be ok
You’re my sunshine in the dark times
And I can only hope that I fulfill what you want in life

As we look ahead to the future I’m excited
Because I know with you I’ll always be delighted
I meant what I said when I was down on my knee
It’s you I want as my partner from now through eternity

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