A night’s tale
A mind that’s frail
Throwing yourself into a hidden jail

A relapse of sorts
A problem to report
Finding yourself with a breath that’s short

A falsified parade
A fallen barricade
Entrance into yet another charade

A lack of heart
A reason to start
Getting yourself together before you depart

A feeling of reason
A whole new season
To rise above your inner treason

A tear to shed
A future ahead
Obtaining your dreams before getting into bed

A whole new attitude
A moment of solitude
Embracing the grace with gratitude

A free gift situation
A love spanning all nations
The light that shines brightest through salvation

A sight of improvement
A solid movement
Your new lifestyle with Him is a true testament



Fallen circumstances can come quick
Especially these days with point and click
You sit at home and a struggle comes
Not knowing the direction it came from

Blindsided with one problem
Leading to an undesired outcome
All it takes is one strain for it all to break
Whether or not it was a mistake

So much heartache in this world today
Homeless people around the blocks is not ok
We’ve all had issues, we’ve all had pains
So respond in kind to them so they can gain

We haven’t walked in their shoes
It’s not our right to judge, ‘cause we have no clue
How they got into that predicament
The fact is they need compassion that’s legitimate

Hold them close, keep an eye out
Express love and kindness without doubt
Nobody knows when misfortune can come
Nor the method in which it can flip your life’s run

So be aware of how you respond
Because if that was you, what would you want
As long as someone breathes, a purpose is there
So chances should be given, despite life being unfair

Dear Kari,

It’s not just your voice that resonates
The faith principles are so refreshing
Christ on your mind, there’s nothing as great
Spiritual aspects shining so bright, it’s such a blessing

A young woman listening to the call
That is coming from above without hesitating at all
Such a new face, showing such grace
Many others being encouraged at a rapid pace

You’ve provided an outlet for many other ladies
To speak upon some troubling discrepancies
Leading the way to help avoid potential tragedies
Just such a wonderful individual with glorifying tendencies

It is a true pleasure to witness someone so unique
Unafraid to show your faith or advocate for virginity
Constantly after the relationship that elevates spirituality
Rather than the focus of the common everyday pleasantries

I am glad to see someone achieve such success
By listening to the one that continues to bless
I know at times you experience high levels of stress
But am overjoyed that it doesn’t make you digress

It is my hope that you continue forward
As there is much more to work toward
This platform that Christ help you build
Is simply one that will continue to fulfill

Stay smiling as your days continue
Because as you know His light shines through you
You’re a true reflection of His beauty and eloquence
So please keep sharing the wonders of His presence


As we sit back and collect our thoughts
Are we paving the correct way on this day
Do our actions display what we want taught
Who are we impacting with our journey

It’s easy to look around at the negatives of life
Yet life itself is something to be celebrated
There is an over abundance of strife
But the miracle of babies should never be under appreciated

We tend to focus on our immediate surroundings
With surprises and occurrences that directly effect
But each day thousands of lives are just beginning
Something we take for granted and need to show respect

It isn’t right to take away that opportunity
With generations and eras on this planet continuing
The fact remains we need to acquire more unity
Growing with, instead of against each other… congruently


Pent up in our own situations
Not looking out to the nations
Grasp tightly at our innovations
Without focusing much on relations

Many self centered, the focus on one
Aggravated and deliberately inebriated
To drown out all their senses for fun
Engaged and enraged because they don’t feel appreciated

Screaming for help in silence
A masquerade alone in a dark place
Entranced in their own internal violence
To weary to pursue a new space

So discouraged to find happiness
The demons that they battle
Mistake after mistake is made, becoming countless
Lashing out having others feel rattled

Caught up in this sense of self
Slowly fading away from hope
Ignoring the aid of others to get health
Continuing with blurry vision within life’s scope

Wake up to the fact you’re under attack
Don’t hide away in your weakness
Move forward and take your life back
Recognize that there is indeed a proper treatment

Pain will always come without choice
The method in which it affects you
Is where you will always have a voice
Choose to overcome in all that you do

Look out over the vast array
There are similar problems others face
You aren’t alone here today
Step out of that turmoil and allow yourself grace

Nobody has all the answers
Despite the many questions
The word is true of the Father
Invest in a relationship with the one who has no sin

Desolate Snow

It’s cold outside
I’m stuck frozen
Ice cooling the inside
A climate not chosen

The brisk air spreads
Constricting my breaths
I stand alone and pretend
That I’m within warm depths

The snow embracing all
Engulfing the land at many locations
It covers everything, big and small
No hesitation or discrimination

It holds its own beauty in a way
A smooth calm flow as it falls
Still lookin’ forward though to that day
When it doesn’t create panic at all

Fallen Tears

No sense in cryin’ no more
The past is the past and your tears have fallen
Clear up those eyes once more
Because you need to be walkin’ not crawlin’

This life is too short to waste
You need to lift up your face
Leave behind others poor taste
So you can begin a new race

All those tears that have fallen
Can’t define who you are
Listen to the voice that is callin’
So you can shine again like a star

For you’re greater than those tears
That lullaby in your mind
Tellin’ you “don’t get caught up in fear”
Listen to it wisely, because it’s a good sign

Try not to be discouraged
Oh friend of mine
Revive that courage
And let your future be divine


Many are afraid to rise
Because of the fall
They believe based on their eyes
Not the one who created it all

Courage is hard to come by
Without utilizing some faith
So instead of asking why
Get your mind in the right place

Sometimes the leap is the best move
Far better than doing nothing
Can’t be afraid to find your groove
Because it will always lead to something


Everyone wants it
We all chase it
You may give it
Many embrace it
Everybody knows it
Some see it
Others touch it
All of us want to feel it

Hard to hide it
Hard to find it
Learn to give it
Look to spread it
Once you get it
Don’t deny it
Once you see it
Try to be it

love… Love… LOVE!


There once was a young lady
She was unhappy being married
She didn’t receive much attention
Her husband didn’t learn the lesson

This is becoming all too common
Both sides tied up in drama
Not willing to make changes
Instead they want to erase the pages

They once shared a story
Now they’d rather throw away that glory
A love that was once shared
Too distracted now to make the repairs

Too focused on being happy
Instead of improving what’s crappy
Both sides to blame in such tragedy
When in the past it was nothing but harmony

Life isn’t easy, neither are relationships
If you feel that you can’t always commit
Don’t waste your time within
Because both sides will end up sufferin’

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