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There’s a time in everyone’s life when they get asked
What is it that you’re meant for, what is your great task
Does it involve pride, greed, gluttony, or another 7 deadly
Or does it help you transcend this sinful world’s humanity
So many options arise, but in which elevation do you find your prize

You see for me it’s been a long beginning
Back in ’02 I wrote my first real rhyme at age 16
Then moved upon request to record my first line in ‘03
And ever since life has had its ups and downs expectedly

I can’t pretend it hasn’t been a long road
Just ask my friends from my hometown area code
Many know me being more of a private person
But music does somethin’ that makes me progress instead of worsen

Am I the only one in rap that wants to see the end of pornography
It’s probably the worst thing existing outside of bloodshed for money
I get exposed by my other brothers because my skin is lighter
When none of that even matters as I just want to make this world brighter

The light that shines most isn’t that in which we orbit
The controversies we chase in an effort to implement policies
Is killin’ me moreso than the lack of our cultures integrity
Where has it all gone not many courageous enough to stand for Christianity

I’m not much for religion but rather the living sacrifice that is Christ
It’s much like our everyday occurrence, which is more about relationship
To know love and experience it are two different things
We may all have different definitions, but pursue that one common feeling

That empty pit inside, the one that nobody can hide
Can only be filled with the one that resides most high
I’m pleased to have been selected to relay some messages
Just know your path is listed within the word of His passages

Some say that I’m meant for more, some sort of greatness
I’ve been told that I’m also a special individual who is gracious
I know that the comfort some feel from my existence
Isn’t one that I created, but rather one that was gifted

It’s never been about me, I could’ve chosen somethin’ different
But I know that would’ve gone against the purpose of my creation
I’ve been knocked down much the same as you, I’m not exempt
Over and over it’s happened, but I get back up for another attempt

I’ve cried, I’ve ached, I’ve failed, I’ve made mistakes
I’m far from perfect as He’s carried me through all the pains
Each time I’ve fallen His hand was there, it never drifted
I know I’ve been Blessed, because God has kept me lifted



Eye on perfection
Eye on motivation
Eye on dedication
Eye on the projection

Eye on elation
Eye on duration
Eye on affection
Eye on a solution

I got my eye on the prize… eye on the prize

Eye on protection
Eye on reflection
Eye on hydration
Eye on my preservation

Eye on coloration
Eye on delegation
Eye on cultivation
Eye on the declaration

I got my eye on the prize… eye on the prize

Eye on confirmation
Eye on exaltation
Eye on illustration
Eye on the relations

Eye on innovation
Eye on integration
Eye on realization
Eye on all creation

I got my eye on the prize… but the prize has their eyes on me

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