Honor and integrity are paramount
Every time we struggle there are doubts
Lifting our heads up to realize the need for change
Produces a gateway to elevate progress instead of remaining the same

All too often we ignore what’s right

Caught in a constant battle, even if it isn’t our personal fight
Anyone breathing can make a difference
Ultimately it is on them to make that decision
Suspense isn’t what kills
Extraordinary acts of love though are what can indeed fulfill



Becoming what we’re not isn’t fitting
Everyone worried about image is distracting

The pressures we face can create a barricade
Honestly though, far too many are worried about getting paid
Especially if effort is needed to pave the way

Courtesy has long been silent
Horror seems ever to consistent
All the while a mess is amongst us
Nobody acknowledging that we have a greater purpose
Get a hold of the life you’re leading
Each and every day more and more are pleading


Some know the actual diagnosis
I’m here to be of a different witness
It isn’t the colors in the environment around us
But that of which is on the skin creating a fuss

I’ve been raised to ignore that difference
I’ve made the decision to treat others how I want to be treated
It isn’t that special or magnificent
Just the choice to be a loving human

Many talk about race
When our lives are so fast pace
Yes we have different heritage
But none to disparage

God is love through Christ He gave a gift
Anyone anywhere can get a hold of it
Doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are
Literally every type of human under the stars
Can accept it freely without charge

With the significance of the world’s indifference
It boggles many minds that it’s so simplistic
Many try to disprove the existence
However creativity remains a characteristic
Don’t be afraid to claim the inheritance
Save yourself from all this belligerence

His arms opened wide to welcome you home
His season is amongst us, so step away from your phones
Show some appreciation to those around you, the time is now
Help create a better outlook before the hatred further brings us down

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