This song was created for entry into a celebration contest hosted by the producer Dansonn who reached the 100K subscriber milestone on his Youtube channel. This track will also be part of a later album project. We had to enter via Youtube, so I figured I’d post that form of media for those of you who may want something visual to see while you listen. Thanks for your time!


Listen while you read here

1st Verse:
Forever, Forever we’ve always been told never say never
Few things actually do last forever
But not many believe in those endeavors

It isn’t simple to navigate life’s adventure
Constantly living under pressure
So, many fall in line with certain pleasures

The definitions get skewed as many don’t know what to do

Love and marriage, commitments fallen through
Humanity and race, both of which fit the same shoe
However, nobody pays attention to what they once knew
As hatred and disdain seem to continue

You may ask yourself what exactly is it I should do
Not I as in me, but I as in you

The views of today haven’t been forever
They also don’t belong to the one most clever
For them to last or even become has been a tragedy
One that deserves to see its ending

You can’t ignore it, you seek a love that never ceases
Despite relationships having left you in pieces
The simplest answer to it all though is Jesus

2nd Verse:
Forever, Forever we’ve always been told never say never
Few things actually do last forever
But not many believe in those endeavors

Open your eyes, good and evil have been around
Doesn’t peace seem like a pleasant sound
Seek grace before you enter the ground
You only live once, has your life been found

The risks we take, the lives we make
Nothing ever goes as planned and isn’t the same
We try to create and formulate
All of standards around us that advance our state

I’m talkin’ mental and physical, not geographical
We’re so focused on ourselves instead of the critical
The information we consume needs to be biblical

We can’t make the same mistakes as yesterday
It’s important to learn consistency in this day and age
So many exclaim they want to see change
Then they need to step up and help turn the page

No excuses, don’t hide away or be shy
Christ didn’t sacrifice and rise again to watch us stand by

You want love, forever
You want life, forever
You know the answer

This track was created
This community was created
Creation has been around forever

God Bless


All the pressure on ourselves
Various choices available from what I can tell
Some choose one way, the other a different pathway
Each venture requires levels of succession each day

Education is the focus of progression
Whether or not that is your personal intention
School is put in our lives without hesitation
A further hope to educate the next generation

We spend all the time and work hard
Some choose to stay in, while others draw different cards
Choices fly at us in this life, so don’t hesitate
No matter your views, I hope you graduate

There are many forms of success
Some consistently deal in progress
Others recover from falling into a mess
While all of us deal with passing tests

Take out the whole aspect of a degree
Look around this world at everybody
There are alternative methods of graduation
Everyone looks to overcome difficult situations

You can apply it to the standard definition
Or broaden it to fit within all sorts of missions
People accomplish things of all different forms
Making something better of their lives that was once torn

Overcoming an addiction
Refusing a temptation
Fulfilling an obligation
Maintaining a position

Plenty of ways to portray a specific ideal
Everyone is on a journey to feel what’s real
As you wake up out of a deep sleep
Just remember no mountain is too steep

Put in the effort and the time
You can make it through just fine
Follow the lead of a straight line
Don’t deviate from a path that makes you shine


Three vastly different journeys
Each life is something truly unique
Two approaching and one beginning
The third and fourth with plenty of planning

One has started his third set
The other approaching that same set
Myself, I’m ending the era of the twenties
Approaching the years that will now begin with a three

My two oldest nephews, one who is twenty the other eighteen
So close in age, but experiencing vastly different scenes
As the one begins this next set of ten, we’ll see if he truly is a gentlemen
The other nearing that realm of adulthood has a lot of choices waiting ahead

Three lives in different significant states
All with sights on the future ahead to be great
We all have a link to which we can relate
However the way we carry ourselves differs on this date

Each of us encountering a difference in circumstance
With our lives having significantly different plans
Everyone experiences this with those they hold dear
As you hope the best for them as well as yourself each and every year

They say these years are still considered young
However what ultimately develops before it’s all said and done
Comes from these years that society tries to paint are for fun
Importance of improving our knowledge should be at the forefront to obtain further wisdom

The lives ahead for each of us
Need to be lived in a way that’s a plus
The negativity all around is more than enough
We three will hopefully continue to rise above


A frame of time that signifies ten years
Two people in my life where it is now so clear
Two journeys with vastly different pathways
Both of them a significant part of my family

A nephew and a niece nearly halfway through
A tenth year in their lives, with much more ahead to do
Still plenty for them to see and to witness
A life that I hope is filled with a plethora of good experiences

They’ve already encountered many hardships in this block of time
Facing separation and anxieties that seem to be commonplace in these times
What lies ahead within this next set of ten
Can make or break what it is becomes of them

The teenage years defining their adolescence
Will provide them with many choices to test their endurance
Can they maintain their innocence in a world such as this
Or will they succumb to some temptations that will ruin their temperance

Time will tell as they grow
Their lives unfolding with more to show
I hope they stick to the morals they know
As this life goes on with no way to slow


There are times when you have plans
Wondering if what you’re thinking can be executed by your hands
Those thoughts of doubt and excitement sway this way and that
Then comes along a sign that signifies you need to step up to bat

When life throws you curves you need to remain on a straight pathway
Distraction looms off in the peripherals with the doubts of yesterday
Time only moves in one direction, so should your progress as it gets tested
Having lofty goals or high expectations of yourself isn’t necessarily negative

You just have to know how to handle the disappointments
Failure is bound to happen at a given interval, but that’s relevance
All aspects of the journey are of utmost importance
You just have to be willing to make the adjustments

Don’t hesitate to turn what’s sad to glad
Being able to always decipher the good from the bad
Because that which makes you mad isn’t viable
And not everyone close to you is someone reliable

Those closest can tend to be the biggest deterrents
And you don’t ever want to truly be selfish
But sometimes you need some alone time to improve your methods
When that time comes execute at every given second

Analyze all of the relationships
All of the hypocrites
All of the intelligence
And all of the significance

Which is greater your fun or passion
Your greed or compassion
Your pleasure or progress
Your money or success

Whatever you think should come next
Don’t hesitate to put your efforts to the test
Allow yourself a chance to fulfill the plan
Because if not for you it may never have the legs to stand


Where has it all gone
We went from playpens to swing sets
Now technology has spawned
With it seems the only way to now connect

Face to Face now involves a medium
No longer a day to day occurrence
Many prefer text or a camera
It seems another person has become a deterrent

There use to be activities out at recess
Now many just sit around on their tablets
The kids formulate the next generation
But the parents seem to have forfeited their persuasion

A tricky situation has begun
We’re in a fast paced society
But technology has been tuned for fun
Leaving advancement as a discrepancy

More addictions have sprouted up
More distractions have made it tough
More problems have since developed
With humanity further lacking love


Some people just always have to be right
It’s what makes them feel alive
Some people just always have to be right
It’s what makes them feel accomplished in life

I don’t understand despite facts and their contradictions
They still feel the need to argue and have negative interaction
Doesn’t matter how much they sway
They still need to feel their spectrum is correct at the end of the day

Not sure what makes them tick
To me their mind seems sick
I’m not here to pass judgment
It’s just irritating to deal with them

Some people just like to hear themselves talk
Trying to impose their will on your personal walk
Doesn’t make sense to hear their plea
When they have experienced an entirely different journey

Nobody on this earth is identical
Respect and appreciate different people
If you feel the need to always be right
There may be a need to analyze your own life


Grace fills the room each time you walk in
There isn’t another place I think I would’ve rather been
Each time I lay my eyes on you, time seems to rest
The moments and memories with you represent the best

I’ve been tested and tried, but each time you’re the one that shines
It wasn’t always easy to turn away from the ideas that were mine
However, with you… there is never a regret that enters my mind
You deserve the best from me at all times

You’ve made me a better man
You’ve saved me from the quicksand
When I’m lost, you’re always there to be found
With you, I’m never imprisoned by doubts

Our relationship isn’t something that is new
And even though times change, I’ll always love you


Caught up in a web of choices
Listening to the variety of voices
What is it that should be done next
Do they really know that step will be overly complex

Thoughts are generally favorable
While the actuality is far from stable
The journey is the majority of the battle
Deciding the route shouldn’t leave you rattled

Moving forward is the only thing time allows
If you remain stagnant, then opportunity won’t follow
If you are unsure of the future
Occupy yourself so you don’t succumb to doubtful tortures

Even with all the advice only you can tell if you’re ready
The amounts of changes in certain things are plenty
Only you can determine if you’re capable of understanding
Since the facts lie within what it is you’re experiencing

Don’t take life lightly
Ramifications are heavy
With every action there is a reaction
And with every pro a con

Choose wisely on when you’ll begin your next chapter


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