The Truth is

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So many ask “What is truth”
How is it you define truth?
Because many out there want to know what truth is
Some say it’s what you experience
While others feel it deals with relationship

The truth is… the truth is

Only one holds the answers and it’s a gift
Not many in this world can fathom it
Nobody seems to appreciate the relevance
So what is it exactly that the truth is

The truth is… the truth is

You want to know my story
You idolize someone else’s glory
It’s not easy living in a world of heresy
It’s not easy leading a life with meaning

We get force fed false idols
A pictured painted to feel entitled
The wrong ways, the wrong signs
The culmination of the end times

These mood swings, these terror rings
The news feeds with celebrities
It’s a conspiracy that’s gleaming
A distraction that is demeaning

Tied up in ethnicities
I’m sorry we’re all humanity
The focus on wealth is a tragedy
The disrespect isn’t encouraging

We all need to take a breath
We all need a stress test
To analyze our hearts intent
What’s in our mind is blatant

If you must see just to believe
Then you’re missing simplicity
All the factors of hypocrisy
Are dragging us down emotionally

The quiet times, the lawful lines
The mistakes should not be enshrined
Is our focus now to entwined
That we’ve lost what’s on the inside

The truth is… the truth is

The truth is I’ve lost touch
Sometimes I feel I’m not enough
I’ve been through some rough stuff
But nothing that God wasn’t in control of

You see I’ve been knocked down, but not out
I’ve been battered and bruised there’s no doubt
However, with that said I’m not dead
So there’s no reason for me to be hanging my head

There’s much worse out in this planet
So I hope you don’t take life for granted
Ready or not one day you’ll see
That perspective can mean everything

There’s homeless and helpless
There’s cognizant and belligerent
There’s informative and ignorance
There’s religion and relationship

So many similarities it truly is uncanny
Depending on the definitions that we see
Determine the people that we will be
Something that should be taken very seriously

If you look back at the past
What is it to you that lasts
There are many things called history
But not many are worth mentioning

Those that are seem to stand out
So why not go about and stand proud
If it’s something you believe then be loud
It can’t be passed on without word of mouth

The truth is… the truth is

The truth is Christ died and rose again
But many don’t think that happened
It’s a sad day and a sad way to be betrayed
To ignore how love was being portrayed

Many argue with science or mathematics
To each their own but it proves creative tactics
In order to create there has to be intelligence
So how can you say there’s no divine design

You developed, I developed
Not on our own accord, but through a process
This society we have now is all a mess
Something we made, which is why many are depressed

This is what happens when we abandon faith
Ignoring the facts just to do things our own way
Nothing will succeed if we turn away
Nothing positive will occur if we don’t change

Many want things to stay the same
Just to further the agenda of their own name
It’s quite a shame to observe
The masses and masses being conquered

The evil within can be rooted out
Only if the desire is there to be found
If one can’t acknowledge they are lost
Then how can they then overcome the cost

Love hasn’t gone away
Love hasn’t gone astray
The reality is love hasn’t changed
The problem is we’ve become deranged

The truth is… the truth is

The truth is I’ll never be married
It is a burden I’m left to carry
No wife, no ring, no kids, no legacy
Something that use to anger me

Now time still ticks and it makes me sick
To know that I’m rare in order to care
About the life I live as a Christian virgin
So unique that it peaks your interest

I open my eyes and plead to the skies
That there are those like me that still exist
Because if there is then maybe I’m wrong
And I can begin to sing a new song

I just know that it isn’t likely
So here I stand with the same plan
To remain loyal to the God that made me
The Lord that has always stuck with me

To avoid the temptations that others absorb
So I can shine His light once out the door
It shouldn’t be a mystery that I am different
Otherwise I am not being legitimate

I am not afraid of what others may say
Not tomorrow, nor today
This is my life as it remains
True to the choice to abstain

Each moment I take in order to pray
I hope that there are others who will be saved
It really pains me to witness the rarity
Of those who value themselves in this humanity

The truth is… the truth is

The truth is too many are focused on getting rich
Not enough of us are focused on the kids
Those worldwide or those of our own cribs
Many misguided all through their adolescence

Being unattended and left babysat by technology
With the media pumping them full of violent tendancies
The news only corresponds to the most epic tragedies
So if they want attention they go on shooting sprees

Many are forgotten and faced with trafficking
Something hidden away from the mainstream
Apparently it isn’t worth it to be educating
Slavery still being dominant in this society

Embedded in their mind are thoughts of pleasure
Sex rules their entertainment nothing else close to measure
What is deemed a choice gives pressure
The problem is the choice they think is right deals with murder

Difference of opinion doesn’t change the facts
Most kids these days don’t think just react
What happened to the notion of cause and effect
Probably deals with the lack of parental consequence

As I said there is too much nonsense
A plethora of wrongful information entering their heads
They’re not getting enough positive attention
People who care enough to give them real direction

Most are treated as if they don’t have a purpose
Being given lies that their lives aren’t worth it
Suicide is still rampant to a great degree
Something you’ll never be able to diagnose medically

The truth is… the truth is

The truth is my parents have been married my whole life
But between us three kids the weddings were five
Marriage these days has taken a dive
With the divorce rate continuing to thrive

I’ve asked myself a thousand times
Where does this world instill their pride
While sin continues to take them on a ride
It leads to a road of destruction as they die

Mistakes and heartache continue the plague
The variables these days are all insane
With emotions sick, my heart beats quick
And the walls around us remain thick

We build them up and tear them down
When we’re not the ones wearing the crown
Many people argue that times have changed
Yet stupidity seems to remain the same

So many attached to what feels right
They ignore the proper matters of insight
A relationship takes time to build
Sex isn’t what makes you fulfilled

Those who use that as a foundation
Find themselves in horrible situations
Their relations never seem to work
Because they miss out on all the other perks

If commitment doesn’t keep you driven
Then you should reevaluate your actual reasons
Because anything that leads to mistreatment
Should be thrown out before you’re both depleted

The truth is… the truth is

The truth is I’m not who I should be
There is plenty that needs improving
My guidelines are found biblically
Which is why I’ve been sacrificing

It’s enticing to see others answer the call
Not even worried about a potential fall
They just take the leap of faith
No questions, no laziness, just pure strength

Their path is straight, not deviated
They march on to see others elated
There’s no time for procrastination
This lifetime needs full attention

There is always room for improvement
No one on this earth is perfect
Trust is hard to come by in these times
Which is why Christ saved our bloodlines

Too many try to run and hide
When the truth is right there to find
Will they seek or will they sink
Each breath takes you closer to the brink

Love won’t ever become extinct
Because God is alive eternally
Alpha Omega beginning and the end
The one who made you should be your best friend

This life won’t ever be easy completely
But there is much to gain from simplicity
Each and every one of us are guilty
Which is why we need grace that is heavenly

The truth is… the truth is

The truth is you’re still alive
So a difference can be made toward what’s right

God Bless!


I can’t take a task casually
I’m always 100% in it
I don’t get caught up in fallacy
I’m focused on being a benefit

I can’t quit until it’s done
I’m never satisfied when it’s incomplete
I don’t care whether or not it is fun
I’m concerned with the job being complete

I never take on something I can’t handle
I’m always careful with my choice
I don’t mislead anyone, I don’t do scandals
I’m someone who’s wants all involved to rejoice


You’re a rarity that I see
One who is vast intellectually
Cloaked with great beauty
Not afraid of the word independently
Embedded in reality
Someone who is a true blessing

On the horizon

On the horizon awaits a plan
Will you go for it or let it fade
The distance too far to scan
But you know that it’s an upgrade

Don’t be afraid or get caught in charades
The journey is worth the risk
But is it really, your doubts begin to parade
Only one way to find out, don’t get transfixed

The steps you need to take
Are right there in front of you on the pathway
Some may result in a few mistakes
Just don’t let that ever stop you from going on your way


We all have a different grasp on reality
We all have a different description of fantasy
When it comes to our lives we’re all unique
We all set forth different goals and dreams

If they were all the same this planet would be boring
The disdain towards difference in some way is growing
When many aspects should be celebrated in knowing
Many chase success through one definition and their progress isn’t going

Lots of people coming out describing depression
When it’s the hole in their hearts that’s causing the session
If they don’t have a belief to achieve
Then how can they ever experience a feeling that is gratifying

So many people these days feel like nothing
Society encourages that thought in certain ways, it’s disgusting
Cultures may vary as well as skin tones, but humanity is the same
Intelligence didn’t come from nowhere and life isn’t a game

Languages provide the element to communicate clearly
But we’ve lost the vision of togetherness and it’s costing us dearly
We’re not meant to be the same, it’s like a puzzle
We’re all different pieces to the bigger picture of this hustle

Each person has a purpose and should dream beyond sleep
This life isn’t meant to be wasted, but to help provide meaning
Expression is key to the stream of this river of time we’re experiencing
Wake up and begin listening don’t flood with issues, but rather help flow positively

You may be down, but you’re not out
Despite what may seem like a valley of doubt
Those elements that resemble a drought
Can indeed be quenched by an everlasting fount

Everyone has problems, that’s why we’re here together
Nobody is ever alone in their endeavor
Formulate memories and create bonds for the adventure
Time goes quick, this life doesn’t last forever


Have you ever felt backed up as if you can’t reach out
All of your thoughts are filled with doubt
Looking everywhere for answers and no friends that care
At least it seems that way because of how you’re drowning in despair

Shut off to the world not letting it be known
That the real you is suffering with no hope shown
The façade is doing its job hiding the pain
But how long can you last as it piles up each day

Each second the clock ticks you wonder the next step
Which way is it that you can feel an ounce of progress
Success seems to be what defines us, but the definition isn’t just
You and I both know there is more to this life, but we can’t shake the rust

Time is a constant, no alterations necessary
But it seems to be differing as it is no longer plenty
We can’t explain the transition that happens as we age
Especially when we can’t figure out how to dissolve our rage

As each one of us tries to turn the page, we pause on ourselves
In the world of today that seems to be the key to wealth
After all how can we make an impact if we aren’t right
The answer is easy because nobody is perfect in His sight

Tonight as we lay our heads to sleep
There is still a world surrounding us full of broken dreams
To focus on our problems isn’t what makes us unique
The ability to encourage one another is one of many keys

Unlock yourself from the chains of today
I guarantee you can identify with someone else’s pain
There is something to the saying, “there’s strength in numbers”
We’re all inhabiting this planet for a reason, so why not truly help each other

Dark Days

It’s all the same… we’re livin’ in these dark days

I’ve encountered many women
No matter how much you respect them
They’ll flock to the dudes who throw the most money
Then they wonder why they’re left feelin’ empty

I feel like I’m in a library
Goin’ through books with different covers
Flippin’ the pages and the content is all the same to me
I’d expect more variety, but it seems hard to discover

Why do they consciously go after what they say they don’t like
Why do they give attention to the types they bad mouth constantly
It all really puzzles me, because it’s as if they’re all alike
No matter the background, upbringing, or country

It’s all the same… we’re livin’ in these dark days

You mean to tell me that objectivity trumps positivity
You mean to tell me that a gentleman gets overlooked for someone creepy
It’s all just silly that it happens over and over again
The nice guys finish last no matter the time… future, past, or present

Doesn’t even have to be for meaningful relationships
It’s even in the aspect of simple friendships
Crazy to think how this world has changed
People claim it’s greater, but it’s vastly deranged

I simply can’t understand the thoughts in their heads
I know it’s something that is best left unsaid
I’m just continuously disappointed in the discrepancy of the culture
I’ll never change, it isn’t in my nature

It’s all the same… we’re livin’ in these dark days

Unto Battle

Listen while you read here

Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.

1st Verse:
Like a thief in the night He is coming
No matter how fast or far you’re running
The war wages on in the depths of this planet
Until the time comes for the great judgment

You say you don’t have faith
When it is a built in human trait
Unfortunately your lack of belief
Won’t keep you from the consequences forming

These people are so unforgiving
Trying to pounce on you at all times
The separation of Church and state isn’t fine
Since within these borders both reside

Each time the arguments are used
It is to try to diminish and abuse
The one that holds the correct views
When does the government concede to you

Their service is suppose to be in our favor
When they don’t show any concern that’s proper
It’s getting ridiculous the audacity they show
Acting as if Christ is the one who should go

What do they know, they’re dead in sin
I don’t care where you think life begins
Without alterations life is created
The choice happens prior to conception

All these people blind to the facts
They all don’t want to think just react
We get told that sharing is caring
So I’ll share the biblical message that’s worth blaring

2nd Verse:
Guns blazin’ around every corner
No one is sure when they’ll need cover
The threats today are more unique than ever
Anywhere from kids to respected elders

The battles we face aren’t always seen
That is where people are the most lacking
They are susceptible to what they don’t expect
Which is why spirituality deserves your respect

How can you not witness the proof given
It really is the only reason you’re livin’
How could things formulate without creation
Give me all of your alternate suggestions

It doesn’t matter your explanation
I can guarantee it doesn’t meet expectation
There is always someone out there complainin’
Doesn’t matter the label of the nation

This world is majorly a large sea
The depths of which contain great mystery
Just because there isn’t understanding
Doesn’t mean that it isn’t existing

Much like the translations of history
How can one accept some and not all
Where do you draw the line at learning
Because the bible holds the greatest gift of all

3rd Verse:
It was recently said that love wins
That victory sadly has yet to begin
God is love and love isn’t homosexuality
I’d rather be happy eternally than temporarily

Life here is a mere shell of time
I don’t care your views, we all will die
Reproduce a meaningful legacy
Not one filled with human hypocrisy

The truth is we’re one race with ethnicities
So interracial and racist are used incorrectly
Whatever happened to living in harmony
It seems hatred is breeding over coexisting

I refuse to conform to an idiotic society
The true King will maintain my loyalty
Drugs and sex aren’t needed in my reality
I’ll leave that for those with misguided fantasies

My generation has fell into such tragedy
I feel out of place and from a different time
But that’s why I’m here to present a different gear
Regardless of the changes that we see from year to year

My Name Is

Listen while you read here

There’s a lot in a name
So many meanings to proclaim
A simple form of identity
Something easy for recognizing
Then again it might just be me who feels it’s mesmerizing

My name is Majestic
My name is Integrity
My name is Comforting
My name is Adoring
My name is Harmonious

My name is Miraculous
My name is Awesome
My name is Sensational
My name is Original
My name is Normal

1st Verse:
This life is full of stress
We’re constantly out there getting pressed
Trying to live up to the name we get tested
If we claim faith we now get oppressed

It doesn’t make much sense
That love is taking a backseat
Because so many want to be redefining
Power is held within one true King

Everybody is caught up in their own fling
All the nonsense out there negating the rings
I remember a time when it was joy that would sing
Instead of these activities that breed treachery

If you uphold a sense of morality
You get looked at ever so differently
There is no longer much formal respect
Everyone is too busy ignoring discipline

So many feel entitled for reasons unknown
Their faces too busy buried in their phones
Which text message was it that gave you life
Which selfie provided shelter for you and your wife

All the distractions denying you the name
All the factors that bring upon further shame
We still haven’t figured out life isn’t a game
Now we just need to take hold of some responsibility

My name is Majestic
My name is Integrity
My name is Comforting
My name is Adoring
My name is Harmonious

My name is Miraculous
My name is Awesome
My name is Sensational
My name is Original
My name is Normal

2nd Verse:
Everyone strives to be the best
When the best they can be is second
There will always be someone greater
It’s a fool’s errand to chase after

We have the power to heal
We can also move mountains
But we’re stuck in a raw deal
Trying to exercise deadly sins

Stepping away from the shade of yesterday
Can be tricky if done incorrectly
The past formulates the present
And the future is a plan of the present

If you want to stay relevant
Then by all means get cognitive
Start by making some well thought out decisions
Since there are indeed consequences

Everyone else’s actions don’t need to be duplicated
There is only one you who needs rejuvenation
Time will tell if all will be well
In the meantime though it’s time to break out of the shell

Dig deep to find the definition
Because intelligence is ideal for progression
Wisdom comes from that of Heaven
So let the name of Jesus be reflected

My name is Majestic
My name is Integrity
My name is Comforting
My name is Adoring
My name is Harmonious

My name is Miraculous
My name is Awesome
My name is Sensational
My name is Original
My name is Normal

So what’s under the surface of your name?


Listen while you read here

A wonderful woman by the name of Cinthya after listenin’ to one of my tracks told me she wanted to hear more rage and passion within my voice so this one’s for her…

1st Verse:
I’m a lover not a fighter, but have a temper
Toward anyone who disrespects her
And by her I mean all women of humanity
There isn’t a reason to be demeaning

Thou shall not kill is what it says in the commandments
But I could just break the necks of all the men
Who think they can rape, molest, and enslave
You shouldn’t hurt the gift that was made from our rib and some dirt

There’s too much value in women to see this happenin’
Why must it be this way to see further lack of equality
You want to step to me for being a gentleman
Then just know I’ll fight to the death for them

I’m not scared to throw hands if you force the issue
These women deserve a better class of man
Someone who will love and protect
Instead of disrespect and harass

I hear a round of applause off in the distance
Messages like this take persistence
Since so many these days lack the intelligence
To witness what love truly is

I can’t believe what it is I’m seeing on the daily
Hard enough to swallow the dosage the media prescribes
Causing further doubt in each of their minds
Why must it be this way, why can’t we all choose change

They call me the charm alarm
Due to encouraging without harm
I inspire those who wish to prosper
The ones thinking they’re not too proper

Sometimes all it takes is one
Someone to nudge you in the right direction
I hate to see my gender fallin’ flat
When will we see real men come back

It’s a shame that romance has lost it’s name
So many games these days nothin’ is the same
Instead of holdin’ hands we see other charades
When was it simplicity officially got locked up in chains

Talking point:
You might say “Pure what if I get laughed at for waiting till I’m married, do you admit your virginity publicly?”
or “What if they make fun of me for not watching pornography?”

All I can say is that having honor and integrity
Outweigh anything that you can gain from the pressures of humanity
Being someone unique utilizing morality is much more impressive
Just because others want you to submit doesn’t mean you should
Whoever the woman is you owe her a full commitment before pleasure
Learning everything about her in the process to show her actual respect
Simple as that, case closed

They call me the charm alarm
Due to encouraging without harm
I inspire those who wish to prosper
The ones thinking they’re not too proper

Sometimes all it takes is one
Someone to nudge you in the right direction
I hate to see my gender fallin’ flat
When will we see real men come back

It’s a shame that romance has lost it’s name
So many games these days nothin’ is the same
Instead of holdin’ hands we see other charades
When was it simplicity officially got locked up in chains

They say chivalry is dead
Well I’m a man raised to revive it
Courtship is a lost art
Though it’s never too late to start

Show women that you have a heart
Never depart if you haven’t complimented her

Each day that passes by
All the women are asking many questions of why
How about we finally give them some answers
Show them that we can be legit men instead of a typical guy

3rd Verse:
Break down the door of mediocrity
Push away the problems of yesterday
Wake up to the mistakes that you’ve made
And become a better version of yourself today

The interactions that you meet going forward
Should indicate that you are done with torture
The words that you say and actions that you take
Need to be meaningful and not in vain

Beauty is held within all aspects of a woman
So you should recognize that again and again
Don’t hesitate any longer let the transition begin
There is never a downfall to being a gentleman

Help them all to reach their dreams
Never try to lower their self esteem


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