Dark clouds

Given all of what is swirling around
It seems many are lost and need to be found
A virus plaguing the very operation of life
While a rise of hatred is escalating the strife

The pain and sorrow seem to continually grow
When will this year experience some normalcy, nobody knows
Tragedy after tragedy it all isn’t making much sense
Now more than ever is when we need some peace to commence

When 2020 began it was looked at as a fresh beginning
What nobody predicted was that it was the start of light to be thinning
Darkness has overshadowed the minds and hearts of the globe
The entire world cloaked in its chaos as it continues to probe

There is an answer and a pathway to overcome these experiences
Which has nothing to do with the anger that has driven many into deliriousness
More people need to realize that they’re here for a purpose to develop resilience
Coming together with love in mind is what will express the most brilliance

Strive forward

How certain people can siphon so much from you is crazy to me
All the care you’ve poured out being there as proof is clear to see
Yet, nobody realizes the imbalance that occurs by the one leeching
Then when it’s gone it’s almost as if it was all worth nothing

They don’t show remorse or adjust their course
They go right on to the next stop as a new source
They claimed to have loved you and valued what you had done
However their actions show differently than their words, which is no fun

For many people they let this deter their purpose and steer them astray
What you don’t realize is those emotions are meant to strengthen us today
Just because someone else has a flaw it doesn’t negate what it is you provide
The memories are still there and may last a lifetime

Don’t let their lack of appreciation or reciprocation hinder your outlook
Your grace and hope never came from what it is they took
It stemmed from something deeper that can’t be broken
There are many others who will truly appreciate the kind words you’ve spoken

Never let the foolishness of others derail your mission to improve
As you aim to be a blessing to others sometimes there are those who need to be removed
Your energy to uplift and encourage is never in vain
So whatever pain you may feel from such situations use it to fuel the next gain


Everyone is wondering where to turn
As this pandemic is seemingly making the world burn
Round and round this chaos goes
When will it come to an end, nobody knows

Hesitation to live life in the normal way
Due to the fear of this all spreading each day
Panic has arisen causing for mass hysteria
Something that has now affected every single area

People being forced to go into lockdown
Leading many into a state of meltdown
Lots of things that were once easy to access
Are now being hindered from every basic process

There are many things we cannot control
So where is it you find your soul
Are you longing for answers to quell this fear
Or are you comfortable knowing there is always hope near


All the progress we’ve made each day
It seems as if it is all slipping away
I don’t know what brought us to this point
Considering we still have many similar viewpoints

Emotions shift and sway, but who knew it would effect us
All the memories between me and you, I figured there would never be a fuss
Distance and time can change things as more circumstances develop
I just hope the bond that was once so strong can redevelop

With it all feeling as if there is a drift
I can’t help but still question the rift
What was once always a pleasantry
Now seems to be a hidden enemy

You say that I am missed when I’m not around
Yet your actions speak differently from what I’ve found
Hard to tell what it is you’ve actually meant this entire time
Since you’ve made it a habit to say one thing while doing another to mix the signs


A burst of success is hard to predict
The excellence you put out finally clicked
Everyone thought you were deserving of it
So don’t ever feel the achievement isn’t legitimate

The long hours and passion poured out
Paid off in the end as you conquered all the doubt
The connections you’ve made have paid dividends
Being there for everyone to aid them treating them as true friends

As responsibilities once again arise in other aspects
The priorities you have set need to hold your respect
The intelligence you have shown has never dwindled
Your quality maturity is a fire that is always kindled

As all this recent attention has come your way
It was something you prepared for each day
Nothing should come as a surprise
You had this pictured already behind your eyes

With all the love and kindness expressed
Just realize that is the core of your very essence
The influence you’ve given and continue to display
Is what will help you and those around you to avoid dismay

Heart core

When a certain level of change is noticed
What determines the level of closeness
All has went well and continued to thrive
Which step needs to happen though to take the next dive

Pleasantries are always exchanged with each interaction
Both individuals exit the conversations with more satisfaction
The feelings that arise are still a mystery
It’s hard to seek clarity when you don’t want to risk ruining the journey

The momentum that remains is fluid and consistent
As the two of you grow closer and never distant
The existence of something special is truly there
Especially given the extreme level of care

There is a gap that yields great unknowns
However you can’t ignore the joys that have made the bond grow
The essence of kindness is exemplary all throughout
Never an element of doubt as this love shows no signs of running out


It’s not every day that someone enters your life in a major way
The essence they put forth that helps you always feel ok
Each smile and each memory adding onto the next
Always pleasant communication whether it is through voice or text

A comfort that cannot be described or explained
Just purely enjoying the moments as it gets further sustained
Ranges of interactions scaling one to another
Acquiring a bond that is unlike any other

As you both help each other grow
There is only one thing that you need to know
The elegance of the relationship is meant to glow
Never let it hide, always allow the strength to show

Nothing is ever perfect, but the times you share are a delight
If troubles were to ever happen you know this would be worth the fight
As the clock ticks forward and questions rise up as to what awaits ahead
You know you both can rest on the facts of the joys continuing to spread

As more experiences happen and information is learned
The trust between the two of you continues to be earned
Much love and incredible amounts of respect occur
With it being evident that this connection is always meant to prosper


All these moments that have fallen
All the memories that have faded
All the views of those stallin’
All the times we were once elated

Every single different season
We need something to believe in
Not worth the hesitation
To be in these strenuous situations

All of us need some inspiration
All of us want participation
We can’t deny the realities
We desire the feeling of peace

Life can become tedious
Just never become devious
True love needs to be given
Which is why Christ had arisen


If I were to say goodbye…
Would you try to stop me or let me go even if it made you cry
If I were to say goodbye…
Would you take the time to express the thoughts behind your eyes
If I were to say goodbye…
Would you try to find out why or hesitate to pry
If I were to say goodbye…
Would you dare to share how much you care or be shy

So many questions surrounding the memories
One tends to wonder what is to become of things
Should the journey continue or come to an end
It is a hard decision to make with such good friends

What has been said, is it everything that needs to be known
It seems some things are missing, but still we’ve always grown
It’s hard to learn the unknown without communication
Confusion shouldn’t be involved in the situation

There is lots of love and respect
What is it that should come next
Will we grow closer or remain the same
It’s hard to tell since we’ve always been in frame

Escalating tides

Heart is beating like the clock is ticking
A time bomb that is set to go off
All these bad habits need kicking
So the successes can takeoff

Mysterious tones ring out loud
Nestled into the fabric of life
Hesitation to determine the sound
That is meant to calm the strife

Fixated on the classic sense
Round and round we seem to go
Decisions making things tense
When we should really be in the know

These hurdles that come into frame
Never seem to quit appearing
Many tasks begin to feel the same
Will there soon be a clearing

Changes use to represent positive
Now they’ve been compromised
It has all gone downhill to the negative
As they try to hide God’s love… the ultimate prize

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