Freedoms seem to be something abused
A plague that is now commonly used
It is seen everywhere you go these days
People thinking they can do anything and still get away

We celebrate independence, but have lost the unity
As more people think selfishly rather than as a community
Tons of individuals feel as if they carry constant immunity
To act however they want with disdain at every opportunity

Sad to see how things continue to crumble
There aren’t many left out here who are humble
As time progresses society seems to always stumble
Can we ever circle back to get rid of all the troubles

Nothing comes easy and you can’t have good without the bad
But to see the constant hatred be spewed is always sad
Don’t distort what love actually is and things can improve
The destination of grace is where we all need to move



That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach
When you’re hurting inside, but put on a smile for the public
Trying to move on as the months go by
When others who also suffered the loss don’t seem to be shy

I ask myself how can the one who should be most effected
Be the one that is moving along the quickest ignoring the proper healing method
We all grieve in a different way, but that fateful day still is recent
What is happening on this day just doesn’t seem decent

What I’m feeling isn’t judgment, but rather a view of a lack of it
I just don’t see the logic in what is occurring since there is no replacement
It may not be my decision or my choice
However, I still have the right to have a voice

The actions of others will still affect me
With my principles though I can choose what happens relationally
No matter what they may think is right
It doesn’t sit well at all in my sight


Each day is a day to give thanks
Don’t let your appreciation shoot blanks
Mean what it is you say
Look to spread a positive message every day

With all of the sacrifices that have been made
There is no reason to ever be afraid
The greatest sacrifice gave you salvation
While all the rest gave you a better life situation

Never take for granted the willingness of someone
Before your life is completely done
There will be a time where you make a decision
One that will impact someone else’s life perception

Stay true to the element of charity
There’s no need for greed, it will never give you clarity
Be thankful to those who have made the ultimate gesture
As you are here now able to continue to lead your own adventure


A distorted view of what’s new has gone through
What is it that we ever will do to save the crew
People manufacturing lies to cultivate a false truth
Hypnotizing the minds of those still in their youth

Rigorous changes seem to be in a constant swing
Navigating around common sense to persuade a different meaning
It’s unfortunate the circumstances we face
With the continued torture and farces all over the place

People being magnetized to the desperate definitions
Blindsided by the swell of information to blur the positions
Barriers no longer seem to hold up well
With wickedness continuing to break through from what I can tell

They don’t want you to believe you can overcome this pain
It would go against what it is they’re trying to explain
Steer clear of the darkness that is often spread
You want to be in the light when it is you’re dead


All these tragic situations
Having detrimental implications
The hatred covering the nations
With wrongful views and intentions

What is it worth to be hindered
As society further splinters
All this idiocy being considered
Making our unity become withered

So many giving into their own greed
Putting it ahead of other’s needs
This treachery growing at an alarming speed
When will the proper people lead

All the truth is in reach
Yet, nobody wants to teach
Since they’re told not to preach
We need to seal up this breach
Because the world needs to know His outreach


When I see your smile
When I hear your laugh
When I think of you
It makes me want to be a better man

The morals you have
The gentleness you possess
The intelligence you show
It makes me want to be a better man

How kindly you speak
How hard you work
How precious you are
It makes me want to be a better man

Each time we interact
Each experience we share
Each memory we create
It makes me want to be a better man


Thinking back to the old days
I’ve always had responsibilities along the way
Unchosen and unspoken they were always understood
I’ve had a lot put on my shoulders and not always good
I have worry for many of those around me
Unneeded stress that has built up plenty
Losses have been suffered so my role shifts
It seems I’ve been meant to always be the gift
I give and I give, which may be why I feel empty
So much expected of me, but it’s just who I am naturally
Many others putting themselves in situations unknown
It just so happens I’ve been there for a portion in which they’ve grown
So I adopt the notion of caring for who they are
And rather not see them acquire any scars
Physical or emotional this world takes its toll
Never know what the next second or day will unfold
Irrational behaviors taken so some can elevate
It’s sad to think that some actually thrive from hate
I’m drawn to those who have a passion that’s great
One that expresses purpose and moral traits
While I sit back and restrict myself alone
The others confuse the tactic because they only focus on their own
Sacrifices have been made that aren’t public
Yet still more is expected because they want a lift
Selfishness seems to be prolific
Which is unfortunate since the results are horrific
Contemplating the next move and if I need a little time
What can I do to save some sanity, but still produce shine
I can’t shake the feeling of needing to protect
Maybe I spread myself too thin, it’s hard to detect
People saying I need to do this or that
When they themselves can’t even face the facts
It gets exhausting being the guide to the solution
Always being looked to for a sense of resolution
Not saying that I’m ungrateful to be used in this manner
Just many seem to take what I offer for granted to reach their own glamour
Given what gives me life it’s hard to avoid the needs
When someone is in trouble I feel obligated to help them succeed
It’s the double edge sword of the choice and it’s hard to balance
No matter what transpires there will always be a challenge


When tragedy strikes it often goes one of two ways
You grieve and try to move on or let yourself get lost each day
When strength is needed sometimes only sorrow is met
Where does the comfort come from that we all want to get

The answer for me is quite simple, but still isn’t easy to have
Our human mind can interfere with the proper plan
As time moves forward the pain doesn’t seem to cease
Which is what makes it difficult to allow the peace

With loved ones surrounding the situation that is another way to lean
Yet many rather choose instead to do something unclean
All sorts of emotions flying around the experience
Everyone is different and the routes they can go contain many variants

When a loss is suffered nothing is guaranteed
As the lives of those left behind then have new needs
A hole is created that nobody else can seem to fill
Which is why you should look above to the one who will


Mixed signals happen all the time
Smiling one second then denying the shine
What is it that was done to make a change
Where was the transition to make you stray

If nothing is communicated how do we proceed
You still act the same on the surface, but not behind the scenes
All the kindness and compliments then no recognition
When should I be concerned at what stage of progression

That’s why I don’t delve too deep, it isn’t sane
Keeping to myself and in the truth gives the only gains
Hard to get connected and stay in semblance of cohesion
When the thoughts of the other person seem to breed treason

Putting in the effort to build you up seems to have crumbled down
I provide you all the smiles and then in return I have to frown
I guess that’s life you live and you learn, I thought you were different
Just goes to show the majority of society these days still prefers being selfish


Everyone’s heart achin’ as the outcome looks shakin’
When one suffers, it hits us all the same
There is always an end in sight, that’s not mistaken
But you never want to see someone go in pain

Centered in the dilemma of what life is
Diseases that seem to avoid a solidified cure
An unfortunate reality when it strikes like this
Putting tragedy into the present to obstruct the future

All the memories swirl as to what was in the past
Leading up to these events it all seems mad
Time seems to continue to go by extremely fast
There doesn’t seem to be a pause, not even a tad

Everything in motion, the end comes closer
One of the sad realities that becomes known
With more loss comes more wisdom as you grow older
It just never gets any easier from what these experiences have shown

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